How do I sent Firefox in an email?

  bristolgirl 13:05 08 Sep 2007

My brother has had IE corrupted on his PC and wants me to send him the Firefox browser in an email, as he can still open his emails.

How do I do this?

Thanks in advance.

  woodchip 13:09 08 Sep 2007

It's a NON starter unless you are both on BroadBand and use something like this. click here You can send large file's using it, Make sure it's zipped so it does not take as long

  mfletch 13:14 08 Sep 2007

Hi Like woodchip says its to large to send by email 5877kb

Has he tried a system restore?


  birdface 13:16 08 Sep 2007

Try here

  birdface 13:19 08 Sep 2007

Oops sorry .Thinking of something else.

  birdface 13:23 08 Sep 2007

Can you not just send him this click here and he can download it here

  bristolgirl 13:25 08 Sep 2007

OK I am trying what woodchip has suggested, as we are both on broadband. I hope I have done it right!

mfletch, thank you for your input too. I think he has tried system restore quite a bit. He thinks that he has had a bad worm that has corrupted his IE. He still has his original IE disc and tried to reinstall it but this didn't work either. So that doesn't sound very good, does it?

Marg7, I think burning it will have to be my next option but of course like, everybody else, he could do with it immediately.

  woodchip 13:26 08 Sep 2007

How can he download it IE does not work. So it looks like he as only the one Browser on the Comp

  bristolgirl 13:27 08 Sep 2007

Thanks for your help buteman but he cannot open anything that requires opening a browser fist, as he hasn't got one that is working.

Gosh, I hope that I am making sense!!

  woodchip 13:30 08 Sep 2007

As my first post you can use it as a free trial. It will send up to 2Gb so he could get it like that

  mfletch 13:32 08 Sep 2007

What antispyware programs has he got? has he run any to see if it is malware?


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