How do I send-receive information securely.

  swapper 20:56 16 Nov 2005

WinHe Frontpage 2003

Using FrontPage2003 to create a website, how can I produce a form which allows a visitor to pass me personal information in a secure enviroment.

I have often been passed from an insecure page to a secure page when giving information about myself.

  swapper 03:15 17 Nov 2005


  Taran 10:24 17 Nov 2005

You use SSL (secure sockets layer) which encrypts the information being processed.

Some web hosts support them as part of your account while others charge more for them. Sometimes a lot more.

click here for a discussion on this from the Microsoft website.

Be sure you actually need this feture before going for it. It isn't drop dead easy, it can be quite expensive and other than for ecommerce there are often alternatives.

  swapper 16:28 17 Nov 2005

Taran, thanks very much for that info. I'll ask my web host and visit M/S website.

  Forum Editor 17:37 17 Nov 2005

there are alternative ways to handle this, but before we go into that, what information are we talking about here? You really only need to use SSL if you are exchanging confidential stuff, such as credit card details etc. You certainly wouldn't normally use a secure session just to gather names, addresses, and so on.

  ade.h 18:43 17 Nov 2005

If you need to handle credit card orders or similar, maybe it would be better to sign up with one of the many third-party payment systems that are available; Netbanx, Paypal, etc.

  swapper 15:02 18 Nov 2005

Forum Editor, ade.h, Taran,

I love this Forum :-))

The information that I require from subscribers to my webpage is in fact just names, addresses and telephone numbers, I will be using Paypay, nochex, Netbanx, SO's and Cheques.

What started me on this thread, was when a friend said "be aware of the Data Protection Act" (or was it "beware of the Data Protection Act??).

So, thanks to you all, I am sure that I will not need to use SSL :-)

......and all that worrying .....

  PurplePenny 15:42 18 Nov 2005

I take it that you will be selling something online ... in which case as well as Data Protection you also need to be aware of Distance Selling regulations.

Thankfully Trading Standards produce an excellent checklist for selling online: click here

  Forum Editor 18:28 18 Nov 2005

about the data protection regulations, and many people who should 'notify' (register with the Information Commissioner as a Data Controller) do not do so.

Broadly speaking, if you run a small business and you store customers' personal details on computer, then use the data for marketing and/or accounting purposes you probably need to notify. It's best to be safe - it's an offence not to notify if you should do so. You can easily check by answering a few questions online
click here and then click on the small business link.

Penny's link to the Trading Standards checklist is a must-visit as well.

The fact that you are simply collecting names/addresses/phone numbers etc. online means that there's no need for a secure session - just use a simple online form. Don't forget to add a 'Privacy' page to your site, where you can assure your customers that you will treat their information as confidential. All you need are a few paragraphs; I have some standard text that I add to all sites I design, and it's yours for the asking if you need it - just email me.

  swapper 18:51 18 Nov 2005

PurplePenny,Thank you for the link, I will follow it :-)

Forum Editor, and thank you for your kind offer, I will now talk about you while I am queing for my pension on Monday :-)

I think that I can safely say that this thread is resolved (without me spending lots of cash...yippee).

  Forum Editor 18:54 18 Nov 2005

so be careful what you say.

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