How do I send faxes with Broadband?

  PC Advice Sir 22:21 15 Feb 2004

I have broadband, and hence have no need to connect my 56k modem. Can anyone advise me if it possible to send faxes with this connection?

I was aware that there are some e-mail to fax services available, but wish to use a direct way as I would if I had my dial-up connection.

  Megatyte 22:35 15 Feb 2004

To send a fax you have to dial the recipients number, so you need the 56k. You can't do it through BB. The e-mail to fax that you refer to is actually fax to e-mail, someone sends you a fax and you receive it as an e-mail attachment.


Here's how click here

  Forum Editor 22:54 15 Feb 2004

you can't send a conventional fax via an ADSL connection, no matter what anybody tells you to the contrary.

Anything that goes via a broadband connection goes via the internet, and that means that it will go through a web server. The only real way to fax is down an analogue phone line, so you get the handshake from the receiving machine, and this must be done via your analogue modem.

  PC Advice Sir 07:34 16 Feb 2004

Thank you for the replies - thats good enough for me!


  accord 07:40 16 Feb 2004

I have NTL BB and have my analogue modem connected to the BT phone line for sending faxes through Win XPs own fax software. I have subscribed to the email fax service through click here this gives you your own fax no for people to fax and you receive the said fax by email.

havent had any problems and can thoroughly recommend it.

  Stuartli 08:12 16 Feb 2004

See these examples of many threads on the subject:

click here

click here

  PC Advice Sir 20:43 16 Feb 2004

to my original question that I shall peruse ....and incidentally I'm really impressed to responses of the varied queries submitted. I'm sure it won't be my last!

Thanks again!


  tbh72 12:51 17 Feb 2004

click here I found this whilst looking for another solution. It should certainly be of interest to you.

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