How do I secure data on a CD R

  Techno_Spark 13:07 19 Feb 2004

I produce training material on CD R and want to secure it against copying and printing.

I would like to serialise the CD to ensure that if the data is copied I would know the source CD.

  anon1 15:23 19 Feb 2004

Well if you find the answer to this one you will be worth millions. Even giants in the msuic industry and software houses still cannot protect cd's from copy. Good luck

  Stuartli 15:35 19 Feb 2004

Not quite true, to a point...:-)

The latest CDs, such as Dido's Life for Rent, have an effective method to prevent them from being copied on a computer system - you also have to install a small cd player program to listen to the music on the system.

However, there is a way to copy such audio CDs if you were so inclined, but I'm certainly not going to reveal it.

  anon1 15:51 19 Feb 2004

Well its easy you just play the cd through a cd player connected to the pc via a cable. Any cd can be copied because as soon as someone craetes protection there is another someone breaking it. Sony done one that would not play on a pc but all you had to do was use a felt tip pen but I will not sow how that works. Clone cd will copy most protected cd's too.

  Jester2K 16:11 19 Feb 2004

One way to serialise the CD would be to have a small file containing just a number in it. Of course each copy of the CD would need a different number in that file but any copy of the CD will also contain the number and so lead you back to the original CD.

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