How do I save e-mails to my Hard Drive?

  Henmin 18:36 29 Apr 2004

Hi Friends,

I did see this discussion some time ago but was unable to search it out in the archives.

Can anyone please help!



  stalion 18:38 29 Apr 2004

and move to folder.Regards

  ZEROTOLERANCE 18:44 29 Apr 2004

but that only saves it in outlook express

  Henmin 18:51 29 Apr 2004


I'm with AOL. I can go to FILE and Click Save As, but should I leave AOL and go elsewhere I may not be able to open them up again under a different ISP. My emails don't open up in Outlook Express.


  Hamish 18:53 29 Apr 2004

Click file, save as in my documents

Henmin. Have you tried right clicking file, Save as, and selecting save as Text Document only.You should be able to read it irrespective of whether you are connected to AOL or not.

  Henmin 19:28 29 Apr 2004


Hamish - thanks, tried but it is stilled saved with AOL icon.

ELECTRON99 - thanks. File - Save As - In save As window choosen Text Files -(*.txt. Opens out in Note Book. Will it be safe here and at all times easy to open and read. I've never used Note Book before.


  Henmin 19:32 29 Apr 2004


SORRY!!! I meant Note Pad


  keith-236785 19:46 29 Apr 2004

drag the mouse over all the text you want to save, right click/copy.

open Notepad, then click right mouse button, and paste. then save the file on your hard dive as a notepad file.

doing it this way, you can strip out the useless bits of the e-mail.

I know nothing about the peculiarities of AOL,but you should be safe as Notepad is a very old and primitive form of word processor which is part of windows explorer.You could try a small test by saving an e-mail to floppy, and if you have access to a computer using another ISP,and loading it on that, and seeing if it is readable.

  Cesar 09:58 30 Apr 2004

If you upgrade to AOL 9.0 you will have the choice of saving your e-mails to AOL or your computer. Apart from that AOL 9.0 beats all other versions of AOL hands down

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