How do I run a DOS game by Codemasters?

  bines 13:28 10 Apr 2003

My Nephew has the Jonah Lomu Rugby game from Codemasters.

It works under MSDOS. I have followed the instructions in the booklet which starts with "type D: and press Enter" (I have booted into DOS and have the DOS prompt).

But the D drive is never recognised so I can't progress further to install the game.

The booklet talks about installing the 'Real Mode DOS driver for the CD ROM drive': what is this? how do I know if it is installed? where can I get it? do I already have it but never knew?

The Codemasters web site has 4 small ZIP files which seem to have something to do with this subject but no discussion about what they are for or how to use them.

Please help someone!


  Paranoid Android 13:38 10 Apr 2003

First of all try running the game from windows, or from a DOS box in windows. If this doesn't work, post back.

PS Which operating system ?


  bines 21:11 10 Apr 2003

Running from Windows doesn't work.

Typing D:setup from RUN shows a DOS page full of error message and all sorts of error detail. Typing D:setup from the DOS prompt (after re-starting into DOS) refuses to recognise the D drive.

I wonder what Codemasters expect their customers to do to use their software? I am reasonably 'computer literate' so should be able to cope.

Perhaps I am supposed to telephone them at maybe a pound per minute just to get it going - so they would no doubt get paid twice! Not from me they won't.

Thanks for your help so far.


  Steinman 21:23 10 Apr 2003

Need to know what Windows Operating system you running.I'm not certain of a solution but this response & your subsequent reply to it will get you back to the top of the pile, where some one else in the know might see it.

  Kryten 21:28 10 Apr 2003

What operating system are you using?

If Windows 95, 98, 98SE, have you installed CD-ROM drivers from a floppy. Try this site, all the instructions are there to set up a mouse and CD-ROM in DOS click here .

  bines 10:57 11 Apr 2003

Many thanks for the help. I'm using Windows 98.

I'll go to that site now and see what happens.


  bines 12:03 11 Apr 2003

Thanks to kryten I can now access my D: CD drive from within DOS.

The game booklet now says install the game by typing D:\setup at the DOS prompt. Seems reasonable and it starts to run (ie displays a couple of initial messages on the screen indicating that at least it has found the setup file) then promptly switches off my monitor with the display "out of timing". Don't know why!

If I try from within Windows 98 I get a DOS/4GW error plus a lot of diagnostics in the DOS window.

The game is still not installing. Any suggestions anyone please?


  Paranoid Android 13:45 11 Apr 2003

Suggest you try asking the Vogons

(Very Old Games On New Systems)

click here

Just don't let them read poetry to you !


  Kryten 09:21 13 Apr 2003

Just a thought, Is your hard drive Fat32 or Fat16?Some dos programs will not install to a Fat32 drive.

  bines 20:45 13 Apr 2003

Thanks for the reply again.

Today I tried installing the game on my Nephew's computer and at least it doesn't turn off the monitor and stop as it does on mine (with a TFT monitor)! It simply tells me that I haven't got a mouse driver, so I will go and sort that out. Then I suppose it will complain about the sound drivers! Anyway I'll keep plugging on.

Thanks to all who have replied so far.


  bines 13:15 30 Apr 2003

I've got a long way along the line but it still give errors and simply won't install. I have given up - the game must be too old and incompatible without a lot of patience and knowledge. It 'aint worth the bother!

Thanks to all who helped.


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