how do I run a batch file from htm page

  The PC Doctor 22:56 08 Jul 2004

I have a Batch File I need to run as a HTM/HTML page is loading.

Can anyone supply the code I need or at least point me in the right direction.

  Gaz 25 00:26 09 Jul 2004

Due to the nature of Batch files - delete files, etc.. then there is no way without a dialog asking would you like to download.

What is the need for a batch file in HTML doc?

  The PC Doctor 11:20 09 Jul 2004

Thanks for replying Gaz I run an email service.

My daughter who lives away from home accesses this email service via a web interface.

As she is currently in the process of changing jobs, she is sending out loads of 'here's my CV' emails, I am trying to set up a template for her to just enter the email recipient.

The template has been completed and attachments and files required have been completed along with the batch file. However the files need to be in a particular place in order for this template to work, hence the batch file. The problem is that once this template has been used once the associated files are then removed by the email server.

I need the 'copy files here' batch file to be run as she accesses the email template it's just the getting it to run the batch file I'm stuck on. I could even write a small VB Programme to do the job, but I would still have the same problem. I need to copy files into a folder to be there when this email is sent.

I don't know, maybe the answer lies with VB Script or java, but I don't know either I can't even begin to imagine how to get this done.

  Gaz 25 12:50 09 Jul 2004

telling you how to load a script without warning would be effectively 'hacking' or should I say creating viral script. Therefore I don't think I can offer the information due to forum rules.

Some pointer might be to use an installer. That places the files on the users HDD where they need to be. Again - not automatic... but it only has to be done once on that machine.

Or go to some spyware websites and see how their scripts are made. Use adaware though! ;-)

  Gaz 25 15:41 09 Jul 2004

How exactly does your ISP allow that?

Mine allows me to run a webserver, and only authenticated SMTP. And even then...

If I have a security leak on my SMTP - they said they will not be responsible and provide no support, if I don't patch it up asap then the big wire will be cut. ;-o

Been fine so far...

  The PC Doctor 00:46 10 Jul 2004

Thought this may happen!

I don't want to run any scripts on the client machine, that of course could be classed as hacking. that is not what i was asking, I need to run a batch file on the server, only effecting files on the server as someone uses a paricular webpage.

I suppose you could say i want to do exactly the same as a page hitcounter but instead of incrementing a number by one i need a small batch file to be run.

since i posted last night i've been doing further research on vbsript it would appear that i can copy files and work with files on a clients machine but not on my server. this is not what i'm after so i give up, after all it would appear that people are jumping straight to the wrong conclusions

to answer your question,

I suppose i'm quite lucky, i'm in the UK and run serveral different servers. Of course I need to take care of all my own security and anti virus measures but that is how it should be when you run servers. I suppose if i was very sloppy in running these servers then my isp has every right to (and should) shut me down.

when i compare the amount of spam i still recieve through normal providers i consider i am making a good job of blocking it from my server. this was the main reason i started a pop3 server, i realised i could do a better job...

bummer gone and said it now, i shall await the thousands of emails heading my way tomorrow - lol

  Gaz 25 02:17 10 Jul 2004

Didn't quite understand that...

but now I do...

I see. Umm, tricky you need something to monitor the site then open a batch file, ahhh, wait... PHP. yes PHP PHPHPHPHPHPH... ,lol

PHP could use remote_exec to run a CMD batch script on the server, dont ask how mate - Taran could tell you that... just a thought.

What sofwtare is being run to make a POP 3? Cant find any free software? Wishing I could use my own pop3 as well.

  Gaz 25 02:19 10 Jul 2004

umm and SMTP?

  The PC Doctor 22:52 10 Jul 2004

it's called Argosoft and it's not free. To make a good job of it you need good anti-virus (Kaspersky) plus a small program to run the anti-virus against each email and to check its from a verified source (Mail Filter Pro).

That's not counting the back up software i wrote myself and the auto welcome a new user software i wrote myself.

It's a full time job keeping on top of things but so far I've managed to run a spam free, unlimited attachment size Email service that's free.

If you or anyone reading this are interested in signing up, I currently have 4 domains available with a 5th in the pipline for further information just PM Me using the envelope to the left of my name.

ok advert over.

thanks for the suggestion gaz but i've now solved the problem using 3rd party software - if you need to know more, pm me.

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