How do I reveal my dial up password ?

  carld38 21:49 06 Mar 2005

Sorry if this seems daft but I need to know my BT broadband dial up password,its there in behind the asterix but I dont know it and need it to enter into my e-mail settings in order for password authentification to work as BT are accusing me of sending spam and I need this activated (I only send mail to family and friends)The password details were entered automatically when I set up the account and BT said the password for pc users is left blank even though there is a password there.I use my old freeserve e-mail to receive and bt openworld smtp servers to send.Is it true they are going to stop people from using their servers even BT broadband customers?.I have tried password revealer but this only reveals passwords 4 letters or less for the demo mode and also my virus software told me it had a bloodhound.W32.1 virus.Sorry about the constant wittering on but I am lost as what I should do as I am no expert and looking at forums just made me more confused with people going on about ports and proxy,s that I know nothing about.thanks in advance to anyone who can make any sense of my thread

  VoG II 21:57 06 Mar 2005

If BT assigned your password then surely they must know.

Sorry, but surely you realise the implications of broadcasting ways of revealing passwords on an open forum.

  stalion 22:02 06 Mar 2005

you need to go to the bt site where there should be a facility for people that have forgotten their log in details.They then email it to you

  carld38 22:05 06 Mar 2005

Yes of course I know the implications but im trying to find out my own password that is allready there on my own computer registered to me,If anyone wanted to find them out for ulterior motives a quick search and payment for relevant softwre would render them active,and no BT only replied to me via e-mail and said I dont need one but password authentification requires one.Talk about catch 24

  carld38 22:08 06 Mar 2005

BT only give you the password for your billing account and not your broadband account,at least not as far as I can see.Thanks for the quick response though.

  Salinger 22:12 06 Mar 2005

Revelation is free and will do what you want.

click here

  phono 22:16 06 Mar 2005

You beat me to it Salinger

  Eargasm 22:18 06 Mar 2005

What's catch 24? :-))

  stalion 22:21 06 Mar 2005

it's when you play cricket and have to catch someone out on the 24th ball

  Eargasm 22:30 06 Mar 2005

It's a long time since i last played cricket, but i'm sure there was only one ball ;-))

  gudgulf 01:07 07 Mar 2005

On a different note .......don't worry about the "Bloodhound" alert,it's just Norton's way of saying it has found a file it can't properly identify.This is hardly ever a virus.If you want a second opinion then the online scan at TrendMicro is good click here

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