happylady 19:17 14 Aug 2006

Somehow these options are now missing from the top of the window. How do I get them back?

  VoG II 19:20 14 Aug 2006

In which program?

  happylady 20:50 14 Aug 2006

Whilst on the internet using internet explorer.

  ade.h 20:53 14 Aug 2006

You didn't maximise the screen did you by any chance? There's a feature in IE that gids rid of the top and bottom toolbars to make the most of the screen height.

  ade.h 20:56 14 Aug 2006

click here Looks like that.

  happylady 22:41 14 Aug 2006

Someone else did something or another with the screen. I've always had these options at the top even when the screen is maximised. I've minimised it but still it hasn't come back. What is the feature that gets rid of the top & bottom toolbars so that I can undo this?

ade.h, re: click here, that's how my screen is looking now.

  DieSse 22:52 14 Aug 2006

Try clicking on the two tiny screens, next to the X in the top right corner.

  ade.h 22:53 14 Aug 2006

Click on the button that is selected in my screenshot.

  happylady 23:06 14 Aug 2006

DieSse - I've done that to no avail.

ade.h - I've just noticed that that button doesn't appear on my screen - all the rest of them do though.

  DieSse 00:16 15 Aug 2006

Right click on a blank area of the bar. On the menu that comes up, click on Menu Bar.

The File menu should appear - click on View - go down to Full Screen and click on it to take the tick off it.

  happylady 03:47 15 Aug 2006

DieSse - Tried that already, doesn't work. That is also the same as pressing F11 isn't it?

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