How do I restore IE8 original settings...

  immer 22:13 08 Jun 2009

In a fit of over enthusiasm I lost the toolbar option by clicking off view on preferences...
IK Im a Wally ! Tried to reinstall to get back as was but it just returned my settings the was I didn't want them....
Heeelp !

  T I M B O 22:17 08 Jun 2009

1) Boot up IE 8
2) Go to tools
3) Internet options
4) Click Advanced Tab
5) Click Reset

Best of luck !!

Oh and tool bars, i never use them.

  bobbybluenose 22:18 08 Jun 2009

you could try a system restore to a earlier day ie yesterday or maybe the day before.

  T I M B O 22:19 08 Jun 2009

Once u have reste IE8 then you will see Tools on the far right hand side of IE, click on that and then you will see options for toolbars.

  immer 22:23 08 Jun 2009

but Thats the problem - I have lost the "Tools" from the far right side.....

  immer 22:25 08 Jun 2009

all I have is google...

  T I M B O 22:29 08 Jun 2009

If you had reset ie ,,, it should put everything back as it originally was, and the "Tools" WILL be on the far right. I just reset mine here & it works.

  immer 22:45 08 Jun 2009

When I boot up I cannot get "Tools"
Is there another way to reset this please?
All I have is the Google toolbar.

  T I M B O 22:46 08 Jun 2009

right click in crey area and click menue bar, then u will have tools there

  T I M B O 22:53 08 Jun 2009

ur welcome !!

  immer 22:53 08 Jun 2009

Haha Timbo ! You have it ! Many many thanks !

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