How do I restore BIOS settings

  bumpkin 15:47 15 Feb 2015

I want to restore my BIOS settings to when the PC was new but I do not know how to do this.

  tullie 16:35 15 Feb 2015

Have they changed?

  bumpkin 17:20 15 Feb 2015

I dont know, but I suspect EasyBCD has made changes which are causing problems.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:37 15 Feb 2015

EasyBCD has no effect on the BIOS all it does is write boot files to the root of C drive.

BIOS set to defaults should be a menu option in the BIOS there is also a clear BIOS jumper on the motherboard and sometimes removing all power and the CMOS battery will reset BIOS to defaults.

  bumpkin 18:37 15 Feb 2015

EasyBCD has no effect on the BIOS all it does is write boot files to the root of C drive.

Thanks FruitBat, as I thought but I wanted to rule that out as a possibility. I have now sorted it but your reply was useful as I was going off on a tangent instead of looking at the root cause of the problems which were not bios related anyway.

  Ian in Northampton 19:02 15 Feb 2015

bumpkin, you tease... What was the problem you thought you could solve by resetting the BIOS, and how did you end up fixing it?

  bumpkin 20:27 15 Feb 2015

Ian, I did not want to bore people with a lengthy explanation but as you have asked. New machine w7 os, one ssd and 2 hdds for data storage and backup purposes.It worked fine until I installed BCD Which I thought "Wrongly" altered the boot settings in bios.Which is why I asked the original question. It was working fine untill I installed BCD. Then all hell broke loose, errors, this has stopped working, that has stoppedd working, file corrupt, use repair option from the Windows disk, which also did not work. I have just given a few of the error messages here. The solution was disconnect the HDDs and a clean instal of W7 onto the SSD which worked OK then recover my data etc from external backup drive. Then reconnect the HDDs, format them and clone both of them from the SSd. A lot of buggering about and I still don't know the real cause of the problem/.

  Batch 16:55 16 Feb 2015

A good reason to start making disk images as soon as possible after buying a new machine or installing OS. Makes recovering from situations so much easier and smoother.

  robin_x 17:27 16 Feb 2015

A lot of water has passed since you got tied up with "System Restore not working after clean install".

In fact, as fas as I can gather, you immediately install BCD and clone to a permanently connected HDD.

And now you are saying there's another connected HDD.

I don't know how Windows keeps track of these identical pieces (or identical partitions within) but it's not liking what it sees.

Maybe it ought to and it has done in the past, but it isn't now.

Also, even if it manages to separate the 3 drives in its head, there are still 3 partitions marked Active (ie they are bootable).


Personally, I think it would be better to forget BCD and have just the Main drive as Active.

Make full Images to each of the other drives instead.

Images can be mounted to appear as full drives if you need to restore files or folders and not the whole Image.

If you really want a clone, make it then keep it disconnected. Only for use incase the main HDD packs up late at night and you can't sort it immediately or whatever.

  bumpkin 19:30 16 Feb 2015

Thanks Robin, I have had a spate of problems over the last few months, restore not working being just one. I thought it was time for a new PC anyway so built a fairly basic but fast one, I don't do gaming. I used a 120GB SSD for primary boot drive (I should have got a bigger one in hindsight).

As I had 2 spare 320 HDDs I also fitted them, both to be a back-ups and one of them also for data storage and rarely used programs. My idea was not to clutter up the SSD. Finally got it sorted I think, it will now boot from any of the drives and I can choose which one without changing the boot order in bios. SSD will boot in about 10 secs the others obviously slower. Much better than my old one and only cost £170 including new case, motherboard, CPU and SSD.

  bumpkin 19:32 16 Feb 2015

Missed out 4GB DDR3 that came with the MB.

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