how do I resolve this problem?

  paul28 09:31 31 Jul 2009

. I recently bought a new VAIO laptop. The new VGN-TT16GN. It was running Vista and with only 2GIG of ram, I found it very sluggish. It came with a Windows XP Professional SP3 install disc for those that wanted to ‘roll back’ .

Despite the fact that the disc did warn that ‘this product will remove the Vita recovery partition from the hard drive’, I stupidly thought I could just install XP rolling back from VISTA, and didn’t follow the instructions (like creating a recovery media).

Thus I now have a laptop with sweet FA on it?!

It looks like I’ve lost most of the drivers, utilities, programs etc. I suppose the good news is that I can do a clean install, without all the extra useless rubbish! I have a 500GIG portable hard drive so I can take anything I want from my old laptop or my PC.

Any advice would be appreciated

  HondaMan 09:35 31 Jul 2009

Expensive mistake.

I would simply buy a copy of Vista and write it off to experience. Secondly, upgrade your memory to a max of 4GB

Reasons: (1) you will have a full copy of Vista and (2) you will still have your roll-back disc should you wish to use it

  paul28 10:24 31 Jul 2009


Thanks for the response. I guess I would have to buy the full version, not the XP upgrade since I seem to have lost all my drivers!

  birdface 10:26 31 Jul 2009

If you still have the Coa sticker on the laptop it will tell you what version you have and will also give you the keycode.Borrow the same Vista disc from a friend or neighbor and when you install it put the Keycode from your in when asked to do so.

  BRYNIT 10:49 31 Jul 2009

Not all drivers will be supplied with the OS disc you will need to download them from the maufactures web site.

  sharpamat 11:50 31 Jul 2009

Have you tried contacting Sony to see what they can offer

It may be cheaper to buy a recovary CD which will have all the correct drivers on it. More so with the launch of Win 7 due

It may be easier to check the price of upgrading memory from them

  mooly 11:53 31 Jul 2009

I mentioned this on another thread a while back, so would ask you confirm it first.
If you can't borrow a DVD and get your code to work an OEM Vista "upgrade" DVD allows for a clean install. You basically install as a "custom install" by letting the install disk format the HDD and by not going online to check for updates etc and also not entering the product key.
That gives you a working copy of Vista. You then run the disc again, this time running it as an upgrade, the result a "clean" copy of Vista.
I can confirm this used to work, and even tried it myself some weeks back with an "express upgrade" DVD of Vista from a ouple of years back. The DVD contains ALL versions of Vista, pick the wrong one and it won't let you validate it.

Windows 7 ? Isn't that still available as a free download ? See if you like it and if so go for that instead come October.

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