How do I remove XP, format HDD and start again?

  Tj_El 08:04 11 Apr 2003


My install of XP Pro has been running now for almost 18 hrs... so I know something is not right.

I wish to clear everything of the HDD (format) and start the entire process again.

I tried using my win98 boot disk but this failed to work saying that the HDD was NTFS formatted.

I tried by booting from the CD-ROM but did not get the screen that says "To boot from CD, press any key" and each time it went back to "Set-up is restarting".

  Daveym 10:21 11 Apr 2003

Insert your XP disc and in your bios set it to boot from CD. When prompted press any key to boot from XP disc and follow instructions to format your hard drive.

  Tj_El 11:03 11 Apr 2003

My BIOS is set to boot first from the CD, then from the floppy drive and last from the HDD.

When I start it up, I just about see the instruction to press any key to boot from the CD before the system goes of into trying to complete the set-up that it still believes I want to complete - which I don't.

I'll try again and see if I can trigger this boot option. Will post back.

  Kudu 11:16 11 Apr 2003

I have had the same problem since i bought XP.The installation on my CD hangs at one sometimes two places and you don't know if Windows is gathering information or just plain stuck.I have found if you press the reboot button on the PC it will start installing again.
When you are inserting your CD during an install Windows assumes there has been a power cut and starts installing again where it left off thats why you see"Set-up is restarting".

  Tj_El 11:24 11 Apr 2003

Kudu, that is exactly what I am getting.

I find I cannot get it to boot from the CD. It's almost as if something is overriding the BIOS settings and driving the PC to goto the setup files it has copied to the HDD and continue set-up using them.

I would like to stop this from happening and start the install again from scratch i.e. format disk to clear all cuurent files. I know you're supposed to use the XP CD-ROM for this but seeing as I (apparently) can't even get to the CD-ROM.....?

  AndySD 11:35 11 Apr 2003

XP boot disk program click here it will make the 6 xp boot disks. Boot with them and choose setup and format the drive.

Make sure the virus checker is turned off in the bios first.

  Tj_El 18:13 11 Apr 2003

Disks created and setup began again. All going well until an error encountered:

Setup cannot copy file: ole32.dll

I have tried to find out what this file does but Google was not forthcoming with appropriate info.

Any ideas? Can I skip and continue the install or is this a crucial file?

  AndySD 18:22 11 Apr 2003

Make sure the cd is clean.... then skip any erors and on reboot close the pd down then boot with the floppys again and choose setup then a Repair installation.

  woodchip 18:24 11 Apr 2003

If you have Partion Magic or Acronis just start with the floppy disc and delete the Partition then try XP again

  Blue2kuk 18:32 11 Apr 2003

I suggest that you install another operating systemb and upgrade to XP from your cd...

I had your problem and it was overcome by following out the above...

Hope this helps

  spikeychris 19:15 11 Apr 2003

Upgrading could be out of the question click here There is an issue of not being able to run the XP Pro disk.

Tj_El, the machine you are working on, you say you don't have an XP disk and you have borrowed one. Has the borrowed disk been activated? if so it will not work as an upgrade or as a clean install. If it has not been activated then when you activate it, the owner will not be able to use it.

Do you not have a reload disk that came with the machine? was this pre-installed? there are a few questions that will need to be answered to put this one to bed.

Theres no point in trying to load a disk that has been activated already.

Post all information that is needed and this will get sorted.


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