How do I remove makers name from desktop (Mesh)

  sparepart 20:36 22 Feb 2007

Mesh have placed their logo on a number of desktop options. Does anybody know how to get rid of them please? It is begining to really annoy me.

  wee eddie 20:50 22 Feb 2007

Control Panel > Display > Desktop > Scroll down the List. As well as a few Standard entries, there will also be all your entries in "My Pictures"

  Ho-Lin-Sok 12:14 24 Feb 2007

If you Know someone without a Mesh you can replace your pictures with theirs. Did this with my Mesh as the wife has a comp running XP with clean desktops.They live in Windows/Web/Wallpaper
Or you can make your own from any images you have

  dms05 14:21 24 Feb 2007

Or even...on the desktop 'right' click. Choose Properties and then Desktop. Change the image to one you like, or none at all in which case you can select the colour of the desktop.

  wee eddie 14:25 24 Feb 2007

That gets you to the same place. Much neater. I'd forgotten.

  sparepart 20:18 24 Feb 2007

Thank you all for your answers to my problem. I think we are talking about different things. I know how to change the wallpaper and remove icons etc. My problem is the advertising logo in the top right hand corner and is about 2 x 3 inches in size. I know I could just use something else, it is just that it annoys me and that it is not readily removed.

  Ho-Lin-Sok 23:13 24 Feb 2007

Is this one of the pics with the logo you are trying to delete
click here

  SLAYER 06:42 25 Feb 2007

Is this of any help?
click here

or this
click here

  wee eddie 08:04 25 Feb 2007

Does the makers name appear whichever Desktop you display?

  bremner 12:03 25 Feb 2007

The logo has been added to the base image file so unless you are a wizz with a graphics editing program you are stuck with the logo on those images.

When I bought a Mesh many years ago I did as Ho Lin Sok suggestes at 12.14.

  sparepart 20:39 25 Feb 2007

Thank you all again. I think I will have to live with it for the time being. Thanks to Ho-Lin-Sok, yes that is one of the pics, and to SLAYER for the imput, I will certainly have a closer look at your suggestions.

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