How do I regain free drive space?

  FreMar 08:46 18 Feb 2012

During a Windows XP os reinstall I think I may have chosen a smaller partition on which to install to, as a Belarc Advisor scan shows that it is installed on Disc 0 (C drive, NTFS), but with only a 29.30 GB capacity and 13.39 GB free. An answer suggested to a previous post by another subscriber with a similar problem was to go into control panel/administration tools/computer management/disk managed and format, and change the driver number. The disc management tab shows that Disc 0 (C partition) does have 29.30 GB capacity but with 119.75 GB free, but I have no idea how to regain the unused free GB. What do I do next please?

  c4rm0 10:11 18 Feb 2012

If you was on Windows 7 you could increase/shrink the partition through Disk management but because your on Windows XP you will have to use something like partition magic

  FreMar 10:27 18 Feb 2012

Thanks c4rm0, will have a look at that.

  spuds 11:13 18 Feb 2012

Perhaps not the answers!.

But have you done a defrag on the drives. This might release more space!.

Also remember that what is shown, might not be a true reflection as to what is available, because some times there are things running in the background that you might be aware of!.

  woodchip 11:14 18 Feb 2012

Make sure before making any changes you have not windows loaded twice, can you reed the free part of c in explorer. One other way is to start your PC with XP CD in the do a repair, after starting you will need to choose Install then give windows time to check the drive for all Windows Installations choose the old one the press R to repair most likely bottom one if there are two showing click it to select then press R

  bremner 11:59 18 Feb 2012

Defragmentation simply moves files from one place on a drive to another it does not reclaim space.

  spuds 12:45 18 Feb 2012


  spuds 12:49 18 Feb 2012

Link doesn't appear to work. Try

  FreMar 13:05 18 Feb 2012

Thanks to all for your input. In disc management, (via control panel admin’ tools etc), the various drives are listed in order, such as DVD and CD drives and also another for an external storage drive. The very top one, which has the XP OS in it, is listed as “healthy” and shows the capacity as just 29.30 GB NTFS. There is a further separate partition on the same line next to it (disc 0) that is listed as “Unallocated”. If I right click on it, there is a box which says “New Partition” which then goes on to a 'New Partition Wizard' box. When “next” is clicked, there are options to create either a “Primary Partition” or an “Extended Partition”, but I am not sure which to choose. My guess is that the extended one may merge with the one that has the XP OS on it and so create one larger partition, and so give me back the unused drive capacity, but am I right, or will this only make things worse? There are descriptions given for Primary and Extended partions, but I find them hard to understabd. The saying “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing” comes to mind now. I would be very grateful for any further input on this.

  bremner 13:12 18 Feb 2012

Chose primary partition and then follow through the formatting process.

  FreMar 15:03 18 Feb 2012

Thanks bremner for the advice. I'm sorry to persue this, but having gone through the process in the Partion Wizard I get a box which has three options = "Assign the following drive letter" (H is offered),a box that has "Mount in the following emty NTFS folder" (browse), and lastly "Do not assign a drive letter or path". Again, I'm worried that I choose the wrong one. Thanks for anything more you can add.

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