How do I recover Itunes music from desktop HDD?

  cyberphobic 14:24 22 Sep 2007

The motherboard failed on my son's desktop so I have bought him a laptop to replace it. He had over 1000 tracks on his Itunes which he now wants on his laptop. I have bought a caddy so I can attach his old HDD to the laptop using the USB lead. I can see the Itunes folder on the old HDD, but strangely when I open it I see the new music he has downloaded on to the Itunes on his laptop (about 300 tracks)! If I right click on the Itunes on the old HDD it shows that the file is much bigger than the one on the laptop and was also created well over a year ago which is correct. There must be a way of transferring these tracks on to the laptop but I can't figure it out, can anyone help me please?

rather than transfer the library,could you try dragging the music files/folder to the new itunes or has itunes got an option to add music files by adding the old hard drive as a location to search.

the only possible problem with transferring the library is that the library file extension would relate to the old hard drive,therefore possibly wont play.

  cyberphobic 14:58 22 Sep 2007

Many thanks for your suggestions, will give them a try and let you know how I get on

  cyberphobic 14:03 23 Sep 2007

I have dragged ITunes from the old hard drive to the desktop of the laptop, but when I try to import from it, I get the nessage "Cannot import "ITunes.exe" as it does not appear to be valid exported file

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