How do I put info into 'Details' column ?

  Furkin 13:33 08 Mar 2008

Up to now I've put up with whatever features are available within folder 'details'.

I have just saved a load of CD's in a folder called NEW MUSIC LIBRARY on my old 'D' Drive.

I have added GENRE to the list bar,,,, but don't know how to put the info under that heading for each/any artiste.
Can someone help please ?


When I open the folders, they always open up as ICONS. I prefer all my files to appear as 'DETAILS'.
I know how to change each folder to Details, but I thought that I could set VIEW > Details as Default, but can't see how at the moment.
Any ideas please ?

thanks for reading,,,

  MAJ 14:27 08 Mar 2008

Second part of your question:

Open a folder, set it to view details, then go to Tools > Folder Options > View tab and click the "Apply to All Folders" option, click Apply and OK to exit.

  MAJ 14:38 08 Mar 2008

First part of your question:

I think that information is built-in to the music file and Windows picks it up from there.

  Technotiger 15:51 08 Mar 2008

Hi, just landed, LoL .... Lots of Music CDs, hmm, for this I use iTunes, add your music at the touch of the mouse, and lots of options re Genre etc. My music is all in the normal Windows folder 'My Music' and organised, accessed and played via iTunes.

click here

  Furkin 09:27 09 Mar 2008

MAJ: Second part - doddle - thanks.
First part - thanks,,, but (!?) I am new to this & used MS.M.Player to rip the stuff. You may be aware that MP does have the information (like Genre / Date / Artiste etc etc.
I have MP set to rip directly to D:\ > newmusic,,,, do you know if this by-passes the full details as used in & by MP ?
If so, how do I get over it ?
It isn't life threatening,,,, but would be nice to know.
TT: Not been up for a couple of months i'm afraid - what with weather & health.
As above I am new to this & have the spare room on the old D drive, so decided to use it with the CD stuff (may add Movies later - more help needed then ?!)
I am not conversant with any other prog for this game,,,,, (my initial post was about Burning to CD,,,, & the fact that I didn't get on too well with Nero (my fault) so any advice / suggestions appreciated.
As such, don't know anything about iTunes ?!?!
I copied a few tunes D'n'D) to an SD card for my sons car radio,,,,, but a few of them don't seem to be there ! You can see in the display that the tune is listed,,,, & it 'looks' as if it's playing,,,, but there is nothing there.
I need to look at his SD card again to see if the file has any size to it to ascertain what may be occuring.
When he first told me, I thought that either i'd forgotten to put them on, or the machine had faulted,,,, but the details come up on the display.

all the best for now

  dogbreath1 09:58 09 Mar 2008

If I understand your needs correctly, you're trying to copy CD's to a hard drive and store genre (and maybe more) details with them.

Music is best stored (imo) in .mp3 format. This also supports the attachment of 'metadata' which can hold and display information such as artist, album name, date of release, genre, track no. and title and a whole lot more.

The best way to achieve this (imo) is to 'rip' your CD's using the free Exact Audio Copy (EAC) click here This program rips your music to .mp3 or .wav format and uses a free online database (freedb) to acquire relevant data to be attached thereto. This 'tagged data' can be stored in a your preferred format by making amendments to EAC's configuration prior to a rip session.

After ripping or on acquisition of music files from elsewhere, I use Tag&Rename click here to further edit tagged data if necessary. This is not free, but there are free apps. which will do this for you such as AudioShell. click here

  dogbreath1 10:15 09 Mar 2008

As regards Nero, I have found this to be an excellent burning program.

I make CD's for car use as follows.

1. I can 'burn' .mp3 files to CD from my PC using the 'Make Data Disc' function.

2. I can 'burn' audio CD's from PC borne .mp3 files using the 'Make Audio CD' function.

For me, .mp3 is much better for car use coz I can get about 8 hours play time from one CD.

  Furkin 11:15 09 Mar 2008

Thanks DB1,
Yep, through help from others on this site, I am copying my CD stuff & storing on my old HDD.
I have set MediaPlayer to convert to mp3 & store in my file 'NewMusic' by default.

I am about to buy a car radio that uses B.Tooth as well as SD & USB readers - hence my wanting to convert my CD's.
Most of my 'car' stuff will be 'compilation' types,,,,

As I was using MP which does pick up the data, I was assuming that it would also be transferred to the files as held on the HDD.
I have used Nero in the past & know just how highly rated it is. I only used it to copy the odd CD to CD, which was easy enough. I recently bought v7 (I think) hoping to pick it up better.
When I tried it for my latest venture,,,, I just couldn't get the hang of it (I am not blaming Nero for this - but the idiot that's using it).

I'll look at some of the stuff that you mention here soon - thanks for the advice.

  dogbreath1 11:48 09 Mar 2008

Where EAC scores over WMP is in the quality of the rip. EAC is even configurable to work with specific optical drives. My EAC is calibrated to work with my Plextor PX-716A.

It takes a few minutes to set it up, but the results are very good.

When it's ready for use, simply place a CD in the drive previously associated with EAC, launch EAC which automatically detects your CD, gets tagging info from 'freedb' and awaits your choice of rip format, .mp3 or .wav.

Encoding to .mp3 uses an external prog like Lame. Details of how to download and install this for working with EAC can be found click here

  Furkin 15:15 11 Mar 2008

I have downloaded both EAC & LAME.
Before redaing your post fully, I did a trial & was chuffed at the speed (although I don't usually use full speed when copying) but then found that EAC saved the tunes as Waves. When looking closer I realised that I have to combine the EAC to LAME.
(I started this reply yesterday,,,, but halfway through doing umpteen things - we lost all power for about 28 hours!)
I have a folder on the desktop called NEW MUSIC.
I downloaded both programs to that,,,, but can't get EAC to recognise LAME ! Any idea where I might be going wrong please ?

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