How do I produce a letterhead?

  geek84 08:03 13 Jun 2014

Good Morning folks I am self- employed and want to send out letters to potential clients via email or post, as a way of introducing myself. I already have the body of the letter written out on Word and just need to produce a letterhead to make it a bit more professional. Is there a facility online where I can download a free letterhead and change the wording across the top of the page with my details on it? Or would that be cheating? Once I have customised the letterhead, can I then just copy and paste the body of the letter so that it appears underneath the letterhead? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  hastelloy 08:40 13 Jun 2014

I use word and simply put my details (address, tel no, maybe VAT number) across the top in a font, size and colour which I like. You could add a logo from clip art or downloaded (eg shutterstock) or of your own design. Don't make it too showy as it can become difficult to read. Plain and simple is best.

  geek84 08:59 13 Jun 2014

Thanks marvin42.

However, I want all this to fit on 1 page of A4 - the letterhead along the top and the body of the letter underneath. How do I make sure I achieve that?

Do I need to use the header facility in Word?

Thank You.

  wiz-king 10:26 13 Jun 2014

Yup put what you want in the way of logo, address etc in the heading.

  hastelloy 14:36 13 Jun 2014

You could use the Header facility if you want to but I tend to just put it all in the main body. You can adjust the margins if you want it to be higher on the page.

  bumpkin 15:30 13 Jun 2014

I have always done the letterhead in Word then save it. Bring it up when you need it then paste in your text and save it with an appropriate name. If you intend to use the post use top quality stationery and first class stamps if viable.

  Forum Editor 17:57 14 Jun 2014

Word has dozens of letterhead templates ready to go. I don't know which version of Word you are using, but most of them are similar. I use Word 2013, and in that version you just click on 'File' and then 'new' and select template. Some of them are built in, and lots of others are available online.

It's all very easy, and you'll end up with something you like.

  woodchip 17:57 15 Jun 2014

There should be templates in Word to use for what you have in mind

  Terry Brown 12:06 24 Jun 2014

I needed to create a letterhead in word, but found the basic layout restricting. This is how I solved it.

open your word package,open TABLES and create a table 3 accross by 1 or 2 down (your preference)

Use the cells as seperate 'pages' to add what content you want to each one, adjusting the size of each page as required. When you have finished, select all data then go to the Home buttom (ofice 2010) and select borders- hide all borders. Save this as a template and it's all done.


  johnincrete 03:37 29 Jun 2014

There is a host of methods but first you should sketch out by hand what you are trying to achieve. There is too much of the attitude "here is the software, how do I use it" rather than "here is my problem, what can help me to solve it". Examine letterheads that you receive - which strikes you as good and why. Go onto internet pages and examine their headings - most are rubbish but many are good, clear and simple. The first thing you need to achieve is to show clearly what type of business you have. The modern approach is to use logos and symbols but a clear English word is much better. Don't expect people to read much. Make it clear in your text what you are offering. What do you do with unsolicited emails or smail-mail? Which make you stop and read? Don't fall into the modern trap of many fonts and colours. Personally, I always use PagePlus from Serif. They have many clean and crisp templates you can use. I never use Word because it is too difficult to manipulate (being Microsoft, it does what it wants and not what you want!!!) They also have "High Impact email" which looks interesting but do be aware that unsolicited emails may well end up as junk mail and never ever opened. Try typing in the words you want as your letterhead. Then format/character to find your preference in typeface and size. Only then look at templates and see which can be modified to suit

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