how do i print wirelessly?

  mothercranky 12:30 17 Feb 2007

can anyone tell me how to set up my printer to work wirelessly? i have a wireless (crap) sky internet connection and would like to have a printer set up that i dont have to move and plug in when i want to use it.
do i have to buy a "wireless printer" or can i set mine up somehow? my current one has a usb that plugs into my laptop, there are also 3 wirless laptops in our house and its a real pain swapping them all around to print something!
am hoping there will be a very cheap gadget i can buy that will work like magic and involve no brain cells!


  Kate B 12:51 17 Feb 2007

You need a wireless print server. This is a good one click here

  anchor 15:32 17 Feb 2007

Unfortunately the item mentioned by Kate B is not a "very cheap gadget".

Its going to cost you about £56.50, with p/p.

  terryf 15:35 17 Feb 2007

I would have thought that one solution is to have the printers on on of your network machines and share them, it does mean leaving that machine on all the time

  terryf 15:36 17 Feb 2007

Sorry should have read 'on one of'

  Kate B 15:36 17 Feb 2007

There is no such thing as a very cheap wireless print server, though I expect you could find it cheaper than Amazon. The only other way to do it is as terryf suggests, which is cheaper but less convenient.

  mothercranky 18:00 17 Feb 2007

so..... a 'wireless print server' is the thing i need. i have stupidly been looking for"wireless printers" and wondering why my search was coming up with little mini photo printers!

  Kate B 18:24 17 Feb 2007

Yup. The print server goes on to your network and you plug the printer into that. It then handles requests sent wirelessly to it via the router from all the PCs on the network. It's easy to set up.

  mothercranky 20:27 17 Feb 2007


now i know what to look for thanks very muchley everyone!!

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