How do I prevent XP quitting .exe files?

  Ironman556 18:04 18 Oct 2004

Hi for a while I've had a problem with XP Pro quitting .exe files that run in the command prompt window when the program ends, meaning that I can't view the results. It has only been an inconvinience up to now, but now I've started programming in C++ and need to run the files I create without them being closed.

I use MS Visual C++ at Uni, and Dev C++ at home. the .exe file I compiled will run at uni on the Windows 2000 network, but not on my home PC running XP Pro SP1. I have also tried on a Win 2000 PC at home and this quits the program too. Is there a setting I need to change to run the programs without quitting immidiately? I've gone through the file properties and there's no options to say leave it open.


  cherria 18:40 18 Oct 2004

open the command window first.

Start -> run

type cmd, press return

then run your program by typing the name of the exe you have created. make sure you are in the same directory as the file you have created or that the directory is in the path variable

your program will run showing results and the window will not quit until yuo type exit at the command line

  cherria 18:55 18 Oct 2004

Failing that then when you would normally have typed progname.exe intot eh start -> run box, now type

cmd /k progname.exe

the program will run but the command window will not close

Don't you just love google:-)

  Ironman556 19:51 18 Oct 2004

Thanks a lot. Used the first suggestion and it works fine.

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