How do I partion a HDD into x2 partitions

  Giggle n' Bits 19:46 12 Aug 2006

Ok, if anoyone just read my last post my the problem with my 80GB HDD I will return this and have decided to go big for a 200GB SATA v1 not SATA 2.

With is going to be fitted and running XP Home SP2 when I get it next week hopefully, becase of the size 200GB would this be a good idea if I was to Partition the drive into 2 segments ? If Yes can someone help me with instruction on how to do it please, do I need some special software maybe.

  johnnyrocker 19:52 12 Aug 2006

right click 'my computer' disk manage?


  Giggle n' Bits 21:07 12 Aug 2006

Does this Disk Manager Partition correctly and would it be a reliable process not causing any problems to the system ?

I take it with a 200GB HDD it would be viable to Partition this size, any benefit of performance ?

Thanks again johnnyrocker.

  VoG II 21:10 12 Aug 2006

Why partition in the 21st century?

  De Marcus™ 21:21 12 Aug 2006

There's no real point in partitioning these days (I really can't be bothered with another debate on this subject!). However if you must, click here and it's free and built in.

The only upside to partitioning I can see is if you dual boot or want to store your data on a seperate partition so windows can be reinstalled without losing your data. Then again, that's why we have backup solutions, so time wasted reinstallings apps, settings, updates etc isn't an issue. Don't forget, if your hard drive fails, a partition is useless, whereas a backup image file stored on another drive or disk will have you back up and running very quickly.

So my advice is, don't bother, invest in a backup solution and an external or internal hard drive for storing your backup file.
These days a seperate hard drive costs coppers, but pays dividends a) when a problem occurs you can't fix b) you've made a silly mistake and deleted 6 weeks worth of work or c) your hard drive fails...

  Giggle n' Bits 22:39 12 Aug 2006

Glad to read partitioning is not really needed ! I was lead to believe that you should partition if the HDD is big. So its not the case thanks for getting that out of the way. Saves me a lot of panic.

De Marcus, you mention having a second HDD. Is this what they call RAID ?

Does raid give a performance boost ?

Can you or any PCA Forum Member recomend a site with a idiots guide to putting in a second HDD should I decide to try it. ?

Can you have a mix of both 80GB and a 200GB HDD ?

Which one would have which files.

  Strawballs 23:01 12 Aug 2006
  De Marcus™ 23:01 12 Aug 2006

Raid is only benefital in certain circimstances, for an average home user, raid is a bit of a waste of time, if however you require more from your system, (i.e. hobbyist, enthusiast) then raid does have it's benefits, if only marginal. A lot depends on the type of raid configuration you use, and to be honest you haven't given a good reason to use any kind of raid setup.

With regards to your other q's. If it's an idiots guide, you've got nothing to lose and a huge forum to back you up if you do.

Yes you can mix your hard drives. Size isn't an issue ;-)

Which one would have which files?

The drive which is installed as primary (active) would be the default install location for most operating systems, so that would be the master hard drive on the primary channel. In other words, if you start off with only one hard drive installed with which you installed XP (or other OS) onto then that is the one which would have the files. I.e. the one with files is the one first in line.

  De Marcus™ 23:02 12 Aug 2006

When installing an operating system or replying to a thread, always spell check ;-)

  terryf 23:05 12 Aug 2006

See my post in 'HD space question' for a site with simple guide.
I partitioned the 300 gb drive on one of my PC's because I keep all data like docs, pics, tunes, downloads, etc on the D partition. I use Acronis True Image to make a copy of the Progs and OS on the C drive partition (about 30 GB) onto an external USB hard drive. If I have a problem with winxp, I just restore the image onto the C drive leaving all my data on the D partiton untouched. I then update av and anti-spyware definitions, it saves hours normally spent on re-loading winxp.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:00 13 Aug 2006

Thanks for the imputs, will read it over a few times to sink it in.

How would a computer repair person does this, say a comptuer has a very poor HDD and there isn't a instal disk for windows becase maybe its a pre-installed windows or the computer owner has lost his/theirs CD get windows off the damaged HDD and install onto a new HDD ?

because if the HDD was goosed shurley they wouldn't get a chance to install a software programme like Ghost. What would they do, use a cable and link a new HDD to transfer it to the new HDD.

Does anyone here reading this want to tell us how they recover a installation of windows and tranfer to a new HDD ?

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