How do I overclock E8400?

  maiden fan 17:06 02 Jul 2012

At the moment my processor is running at its normal 3GHZ, I was told that all I had to do was change the multiplier and FSB from x8 and 333 to x9 and 400 to increase the processor from 3 to 3.6gig but have read somewhere else that I need to change the voltage.

I have never done this before so I need to be sure to get it right. Below is my computer spec.

Intel pentium E8400 3.00GHZ Arctic cool, freezer 1 pro s775 cooler Gigabyte P35-DS3L motherboard 4gig Crucial baliitix ram Corsair 850wt PSU Nividia Geforce 460 GTX graphics Windows 7 64 bit

Thank you for any help you can give.

  KRONOS the First 17:35 02 Jul 2012

Downlod these Programs:




With Gigabyte Board:

We are looking for the CPU FSB Frequency, PCI Xpress Bus Frequency, and Memory Multiplier Settings.

Set your CPU FSB Frequency to 400mhz

Now set your PCI Xpress Frequency to 100mhz

Now set your Memory Multiplier to 2X (Assuming you have DDR2-800 which most do)

You should now get a reading of 3.6Ghz

You should be at 37c with the Freezer Pro with the CPU at 3.6Ghz, however some E8400s have problems reporting core temperatures. IF you are above 60c @3.6 then I would set it back to 3.0ghz and check that your HSF is seated properly and checks your cases airflow to make sure no fans are fighting each other.

  Nontek 17:37 02 Jul 2012

IMHO you would be better of just increasing your RAM to 8Gb.

I can never understand why people want to over-clock their CPUs, and it so often includes people who don't seem to understand over-clocking.

I wish you good luck if you do insist, but beware you could do serious damage to your pride-n-joy.

  Nontek 17:45 02 Jul 2012

More info here which I hope might help ....

click here

  maiden fan 19:38 02 Jul 2012

Thanks everyone to your replies but Nontek has me thinking.

With the games I play, Sims 3 (don't laugh), Medal of honour/Call of duty and Assasins Creed, not to mention the CPU hungry games my son plays (some lagging badly) would it make a difference?

I've read that it shortens the length of your CPU so was wondering why do it, is performance that improved that its worth the strain on the CPU. I am planning to upgrade to Quad core with the I5 Ivybridge with luck by the end of next year so need to know that the one I have will last that long if I overclock.

What do you think, is overclocking worth it in general or would adding ram be better? Thank you.

  Nontek 19:46 02 Jul 2012

With the i5 Processor your games will run beautifully! I too have the i5 and 8Gb RAM.

My favorite 'game' is FSX Deluxe which I run at all settings on Ultra-high - brilliant.

  Nontek 21:01 02 Jul 2012

To answer your last question - I would say it is not worth the risk of spoiling what you already have, which is a reasonable setup.

  Nontek 21:05 02 Jul 2012

If you decide on more RAM, say 4Gb, then I would advise run their test on your PC to get exactly the type of RAM for your individual needs. I bought 4Gb from them, recently, cost surprised me, was less than £20, and was delivered very quickly.

  maiden fan 15:16 03 Jul 2012

Hi Nontek After reading your posts I've decided not to Overclock, the risk is to much for me. If I lost mu comp I'd be gutted especially as when I get quad this one is going to my daughter.

I'll upgrade the ram as you suggested although I was planning to replace my 1.5 HDD due to son filling it with games. I have a couple of spare HDDs which are faster than my 5400 rpm but I'll stick one of them in for now and run my games from it.

I ran crucial scanner last night so will get it there.

Thank you for your help.

  Nontek 16:16 03 Jul 2012

Your welcome, hope all goes well for you.

  Nontek 16:18 03 Jul 2012

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