How do I open this?

  Hetti 09:09 29 Jan 2005

I have recieved an email with an attachment,when I try to open I get "does not have a programe associated with it for preforming this action,
create an association in the folder options in control panel.
I have looked at the folder options but cannot see how I should do this, any help please?

  ICF 09:12 29 Jan 2005

Right click on the file in question and find out what file extention it is then do a google.

  Hetti 09:20 29 Jan 2005

I right clicked and got option to open,print save,ect I clikced open I got "Name.ATTE.dat" and Type "unkown file type" . I typed ATTE.dat into search but dont really understand the results, was this right?

  Demora 09:26 29 Jan 2005

Run a virus check on the file. .dat files will open in 'Notepad' or 'wordpad' it may look like gobbledigook but somewhere in the file it will give you a clue as to what it is. Unless I know who the file is from .dat in emails get deleted.


  ICF 09:29 29 Jan 2005

Just a thought who sent you the message and were you expecting it?Do you know the person who sent it you?If the answer is no to all theses questions then delete it

  Hetti 09:32 29 Jan 2005

Iam reseaching my familt tree and the email is fom someone also doing research, I was not expecting it but this sort of thing happens regular with genealogy, I have checked for virus, its ok ,

  ICF 09:34 29 Jan 2005

Ask them what type of file it is and what program created it.

  ICF 09:35 29 Jan 2005

Are you both using the same genealogy software?

  Mango Grummit 09:58 29 Jan 2005

If you are using OutLook Express it is know for mangling attachments and creating a file that is cannot be used.

Also this can happen with OE when dealing with encrypted files. It simply just does not work with some of them.

If you are not using OE then ignore me!!

  Mango Grummit 10:01 29 Jan 2005

*and creating a file that cannot be used.*

  rawprawn 10:07 29 Jan 2005

Can you change ATTE.dat to ATTE.txt, if so you may?? be able to see what it is about.

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