holly polly 20:30 03 Apr 2004

hi title says it all ,brother has converted the avi file his ex army chums sent him to mpeg 2 with main concept ,one big mpeg file ,how now does he burn this to dvd ?-regards -hol pol....

  Lozzy 20:44 03 Apr 2004

You first need a dvd burner and a program like Nero 6 or easy DVD CD Creator V6.

  holly polly 20:46 03 Apr 2004

we have the hardware/ software just dont know how to do it can anyone talk us through it idiot fashion?-hol pol...

  cycoze 20:53 03 Apr 2004

If the player its going to be used on can recognise mpeg2 , you can simply burn it as a data disc.

  holly polly 21:31 03 Apr 2004

bump please can someone help -hol pol....

  bremner 21:34 03 Apr 2004

I use DVD Movie Factory 2.

This takes the mpeg2 and enables you to create DVD's with menu's, chapters etc.

  holly polly 21:55 03 Apr 2004

yes i realise that there is all manner of diffrent programs ,i do not want to sound rude but what i am after is for someone to talk us through the procedure from start to finish we are both newbies when it comes to making dvds .
we have tmpeg pro ,main concept ,cuco soft ,nero 6 ,adobe premiere and other video editing software as my bruv put his camcorder recordings on hd and then edits em .
sorry to be a pain but we all started somewhere ,oh and by the way we have a lg multi format dvd burner and the comp spec is more than adequate -=awaiting your replies in anticipation -thanks -hol pol....

  rubella 22:33 03 Apr 2004

holly polly

click here may be useful. not only does it point you toward kit you need, the tutorials are very straight foward too.


  The Spires 22:38 03 Apr 2004

1. Open nero vision express
2. Click on make a dvd open it
3. Click on add video file
4. Find the mpg you want and open it
5. Click next
6. Create a menu if you want to
7. Click next then next again
8. Then burn


  JFT 22:43 03 Apr 2004

holly polly the guides section on this site should tell you everything you need to know!

click here

  holly polly 16:13 11 Apr 2004

problem solved thanks to cucosoft-regards-Hol Pol...

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