How do I make a gif background transparent?

  Red Devil 16:47 10 Oct 2005

I've got some images that I've used on my forum (click here) that are the colour I want to fit in with the rest of the style but the background of these images is black.

I'd like them to be transparent if possible so was hoping there is some way of changing the background to the way I'd like them to look.

Can it be done? How would I go about doing this?


  Forum Editor 16:53 10 Oct 2005

What graphics software do you have installed on your computer?

  aca 16:58 10 Oct 2005

Think that you can do it in Microsoft Photo Editor.

Recall using this feature before. if not try PhotoFiltre this is a free image editor. You can get it click here

  Red Devil 17:08 10 Oct 2005

Sorry about posting in the Helproom Forum - I thought that would be the place for it as it was a general graphics query even though it's for my website.

As for graphics packages, I've got whatever is installed with Dreamweaver MX2004 as I would assume there's some form graphics software included with it, Serif PhotoPlus, Adobe ImageReady, Adobe PhotoShop, Paint and ArcSoft PhotoStudio.

Would these packages be capable of doing what I want even though they're intended for working on photographs or would I need something else?


  Forum Editor 17:45 10 Oct 2005

Here you go:-

click here

  Red Devil 18:18 10 Oct 2005

OK - I've tried making the background transparent and on some of the images it works but on others all it does is change the colour of the background.

Now I'm confused.

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