How do I make doc contents same in 2x Word docs?

  GibsonSt19 18:16 01 Feb 2004

Hi there oh enlightened ones.

Just wondering if anyone knows a way of doing this.

I have 2 versions of my CV in Word (.doc) format. Both contain the same text, however are formatted differently.

Is there any way I can make changed to one of them (textually) and have them replicated in the other, without having to make the changed manually within each CV?

I'd be very grateful for your wisdom.

Thanks lots

  Falkyrn 18:28 01 Feb 2004

You could take the document you want to use as your "master" doc and set up a style from this load the 2nd doc and apply the style

menu bar Format/styles/user defined style

  GibsonSt19 18:31 01 Feb 2004

I can try that to a point, however it won't take into consideration horizontal lines etc.

Any other ways on wangling this?

  Pesala 19:26 01 Feb 2004

Too late now perhaps, but if you combined both files together, and formatted the data in table cells so that Table2:cella1 = Table1:cella1 etc., then any textual changes made to Table 1 would be reflected in Table 2.

  GibsonSt19 20:20 01 Feb 2004

But I don't understand :(

Sounds good though.

  Pesala 21:16 01 Feb 2004

I use WordPerfect, but I expect you can do the same in Word. I created a simple table of two rows and three columns to demonstrate. See this illustration click here

The first row contains ordinary text, which could be the details of your CV.

The second row contains formulae, linked to the cell above. The first row is formatted with Verdana 12 point, the second row is formatted with Verdana 16 point. If one changes the text in the first row, the text automatically changes in the second row, but is still formatted at 16 point.

In this example, two adjacent rows are linked, but they could be two separate tables, or widely separated rows in the same table with page breaks between.

  VoG II 21:20 01 Feb 2004

You can do this in Excel but I don't think it is possible in Word. I'm ready to be corrected......

  Pesala 09:08 02 Feb 2004

It didn't seem to be possible. The forumula I used in WordPerfect was just +A1 +B1 etc., which I suppose means the sum. If one types any numbers in A1 the only result in the linked cell is that number. I'm sure there must be a more suitable formula to use. My idea is too primitive.

  Taff36 09:59 02 Feb 2004

I have XP Office Pro but tried this out in Office 97 and it seems to work. It will need a little setting up and I suggest you read the Word Help on the subject (Type in "Linked Object")

Basically copy your text in document 1 and switch to document 2. The go EDIT>PASTE SPECIAL tick the PASTE LINK radio button and select UNFORMATTED TEXT. Then you need to format the pasted text in the way you want if it is different to document 1. Any changes in document 1 will be reflected in document 2 but with the chosen formatting. Sounds simple doesn`t it? I have tried it and it helps if you go to TOOLS>OPTIONS and select the SHOW FIELD SHADING ALWAYS. You can then see where the linked areas are in document 2.

Have an experiment and see what you think.

  GibsonSt19 14:22 02 Feb 2004

Sounds like just what I want to do!


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