How do i lower the CPU usage its between 30-70idle

  coastguardman 18:55 12 May 2004


My CPU usage goes from 30-70 every second is this normal ? How do i lower it ? Is it memory as i have 320mb including 128mb graphics. Would getting more memory help ? I didnt want to spend £50 on memory if it didnt work

  Dan the Confused 19:26 12 May 2004

It's normal and can be lowered by disabling any background processes you don't need.

Click START>RUN type MSCONFIG and uncheck any programs you don't need to start on bootup.

(Did you fix the overheating prob btw?)

  Dan the Confused 19:28 12 May 2004

The programs I mean are listed under the startup tab.

  QuickHare 19:42 12 May 2004

The reason why it jumps between 30 and 70 percent every second is because the computer uses processing power to tell you how much processing power is in use, every second.

Memory does not affect processing power unless you have far too little or far too much of it. Windows 95 slows down (more processor power) when more than about 128Mb is installed. Windows 98 has problems around 256Mb, and the later ones can cope with gigabytes or terabytes without a slow down.

If you have too little of the stuff, then Windows uses harddisk space to store your memory in when not in use. This frees up more memory for other, 'active' programs. The processor has to constantly move memory every now and then to keep the right data in memory for the programs as they need it.

Dan the Confused is not very confused as his idea is a good one, and other ways to reduce processor power (other than buying a new, faster processor!) is to close other programs running at the time. Dan's idea is to stop these programs from starting up, so you have more processor power from the outset.

  coastguardman 20:15 12 May 2004

I have only just formatted the hard drive for the second time in a week and have only installed my adsl modem. I tried to play half life it loads fine but its slow motion. Is that because not enough memory or high cpu usage. I have it so there is only 15 applications all critical ones but still cpu moves. My brother has same computer and more on his but his stays at 8-10, and i have not fixed the other prob just gave up

  Dan the Confused 20:47 12 May 2004

Coastguardman, I have had a look at your last thread click here and must confess to find it a little confusing (hence my name).

I think it might be worth getting someone with a good hardware knowledge to have a look at your PC and make sure everythings in check.

  QuickHare 22:42 12 May 2004

Reading both threads fully and wondering why your computer overheats/heated, I have come to the following conclusion:

There is something wrong with the computer that you can't get fixed here. You need to take it back to Time (if in warranty - doubt it as you've opened it) or a professional engineer.

The overheating could have been a faulty fan or even the location of the computer (near a heater, for example) or in a place where air can't get to the fans easily (pushed up against a wall, for example).

The slow down could be memory, but could also be too many programs running. Also, check that the game is not set to any "Slow motion" mode. It might even be harddisk problems as it has to load data off the disk. Try doing a defragmentation and Scandisk (Right-click the drive in My Computer and select Tools, then the appropriate button).

But more importantly, find someone with professional hardware knowledge to look at your computer.

I don't think we can really help any further unless we look at the actual computer.

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