How do I install Win98SE after formatting the HDD

  [email protected] 19:11 28 Jul 2005

Bought a second machine running WinXP which is OK.Formatted the hard drive on my old Win98Se machine to clear sensitive info etc.Now I want to re-install Win98SE from CD in order to pass the machine on to my daughter but the Win98SE CD won`t auto run.I tried a saved Startup disc but when I reach `C` or `A` prompts it wont accept my input.I have tried inputting Sys C: or Win but no go.Any ideas to get the wretched thing to install would be most welcome.Thanks in advance.

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 19:17 28 Jul 2005

To install win 98 you will need a start up (boot ) Disk if you dont have one click here

Start The machine with the boot disk inserted in floppy drive (set to boot from floppy 1st in bios) let it run to a:\ prompt (if asked would you like cd support Yes

insert win 98 cd

at A:\ type E:\setup this will start your set up prog for win 98

  [email protected] 09:39 31 Jul 2005

Zaphod Beeblebrox,
Still no joy.Have entered BIOS but can`t see anything to do with booting from floppy.A lot of items are disabled and don`t know how to enable them.When I use the Startup floppy I get a few lines of technical info and then a `C` prompt but it rejects all inputs.Any further ideas? By the way I suppose your name means something to you.

  VoG II 09:51 31 Jul 2005

click here

See if these help click here click here?

  mattyc_92 09:55 31 Jul 2005

Have you got the "Win98 Startup Disk" (floppy disk)?

If so, boot from that and select "Start With CD-ROM support". At the command prompt type in as follows: (where [enter] means press enter)


format c: [enter]



That will format the c drive. Now type in the following:


d: [enter]

setup.exe [enter]



The installation should begin once you have completed the "Scan Disk" part.

Hope that helps.

  Rayuk 12:17 31 Jul 2005

click here
May give you some help.

  [email protected] 16:13 02 Aug 2005

Still having problems and getting nowhere.Can`t boot-up from the Startup floppy.I have entered BIOS and under Advanced Setup it says :-
1st Boot Device - IDE-0
2nd Boot Device - Floppy
3rd Boot Device - CDRom
Floppy Drive Swap - Disabled
Floppy Drive Seek - Disabled
As a layman I would have thought that to boot from the Start-up floppy it would have to be the 1st Boot Device with possibly the CDRom as the 2nd Boot Device.If this is the case how do I change these settings as pressing keys doesn`t seem to do anything.Beginning to wish I hadn`t formatted in the first place.

  Diemmess 16:18 02 Aug 2005

In your BIOS you have found the right place - cheer up!

Use arrows to glide around the menu but use PgUp or PgDn to toggle through the alternatives when you have highlighted the one you want.

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