How do I install this OS?

  Ray5776 19:21 21 Oct 2007

You would think this would be simple but is anything ever.
I want to install XP pro on a PC.
I bought the s/ware on Ebay and was led to believe it to be full version, it seems to me that it is an upgrade version.
I cannot boot from it and load it onto a blank formatted HDD.
I can boot the PC from another HDD with XP on it
but then it won`t allow the upgrade to work as it already has a newer version. I says if I still want to do this then boot from the CD and loose all my data, this I don`t mind but as it will not boot from the CD anyway I am stumped. Any ideas please.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:51 21 Oct 2007

have you set the CD asfirst boot device in the BIOS?

  ambra4 19:51 21 Oct 2007

In the bios have you set the cd rom drive as the first boot device, with the hard drive as the second boot device

  Technotiger 20:03 21 Oct 2007

With BIOS correctly set as above, you can then of course, load the OS onto the blank formatted HDD.

  Ray5776 20:07 21 Oct 2007

Thanks and yes I have set the Cd as the first boot device. have also tried forcing it by setting as only
boot device but just get the usual boot error message.

  woodchip 20:10 21 Oct 2007

It looks like a coppy.

  Technotiger 20:10 21 Oct 2007

Hmm, it would seem as if you may have been sold a dud :(

  VoG II 20:10 21 Oct 2007

Is this an old PC that doesn't have the boot from CD option? (If it is that old then XP may not run properly anyway.)

Try using the set of floppies click here then set the BIOS to boot from floppy first, restart with the first floppy in the drive and follow the prompts.

  Ray5776 20:11 21 Oct 2007

This is not going to boot from the cd so I need to boot from another source and then access the cd and try to install the O/S. This is the problem I am having, thanks for your replies.


  Ray5776 20:31 21 Oct 2007

it is not an old pc by my standards, a pent4 with the boot from cd option, it can use XP with no trouble but I want to install a separate XP O/S on it.

Technotiger, yes I may have been sold a dud this is what I need to find out, as I say it appears to be an upgrade rather than a full version but in order to try it as an upgrade I need something to upgrade from.



  lotvic 20:32 21 Oct 2007

try this from click here
""Another option to the floppy disk set from Dr. D's
Windows XP System Setup Disk click here Look for bootdisk essentials
Allows you to boot from a single floppy disk, partition and format the drive and then begin the XP installation from CD
A lot of people appear to be unaware of the fact that you do NOT need the 4 or 5 setup disks in order to install Windows 2000 and XP. A common Win98 boot disk such as the Boot Disk Essentials diskette below can be used to install these OS's. This is what the Win XP System Setup Disk above does.

Here's how to do it:

1. Start the computer with your chosen boot disk.

2. Change to the cdrom drive.

3. Go into the \i386 directory on the cdrom.

4. Run WINNT.EXE to begin the install process.

The above was copied from Dr. D's web site.

If a bootdisk other than the essentials is used, smartdrv.exe must be added and loaded manually before running WINNT.EXE ""

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