How do I install my scanner

  six-h 16:10 13 Mar 2008

so that it stays installed???
Since doing a Factory re-set, each time I boot up, I get the "Found new Hardware" wizard requesting the installation disk.
After dutifully following it's demands several times, I found that if I un-plug the scanner, and then re-connect it, it usually installs without needing the disk, but even this is a bind.
Anyone able to get it back to normal for me??

  Diemmess 16:32 13 Mar 2008

Assuming this is for XP OS.
Go to add/remove programs (control panel)
uninstall the scanner software

  Diemmess 16:35 13 Mar 2008

Should read disconnect the scanner.
Then as above, followed by... and up to uninstall the scanner software.
Install from the software CD.
Now plug the scanner in.

  six-h 19:06 13 Mar 2008

Did all as you said, and on plugging in the scanner, the wizard again appeared demanding the disc!
I obliged, and all was well.
On re-booting, same process was demanded, I opted for windows to search for a driver, and it again installed, but, you guessed it, on reboot, the same palava!!
Why do these things happen to me?

  Totally-braindead 19:20 13 Mar 2008

I don't know if this is the same problem as I had with my printer but.... for some reason, even though the software was installed my windows would always come up with new hardware found and try to reinstall the printer.

Its a bit silly but the way I cured it was installed the software myself and then let windows install its own seperate driver and then select the one I had installed and used that.

Because of this I have 2 of the same printers listed under the printers, one which windows has installed which is not complete in that it hasn't got the monitor for keeping track of the ink, and the other which I installed myself which has all the software installed and is set as the default printer.

Its a bit stupid but it causes no problem as I just ignore the windows installed printer.

I did try deleting it but if I do that for some reason it thinks its a new printer and installs it again.

  TonyV 19:32 13 Mar 2008

I had a similar problem when I changed my machine and had to reinstall all the programmes that I needed. This included a scanner, which was a wee bit old (Plustek OpticPro UT12). I tried for ages to get it to work on XP, which was also on the old machine all to no avail. My problem was that XP did not like the software that was installed a) from the original installation disc and b) from the latest software downloaded from Plustek.

In the end, I threw it and bought a new Canon Lide 90 and that went in perfectly.

It could be that your old driver is not that compatible with XP and needs some other tweaks to get it to work properly.



  six-h 19:51 13 Mar 2008

Yes, my PC and Scanner are both Late 2003, both Medion, and have been buddies from day one.
This problem has only surfaced since I did the Factory re-set, so it's not a compatibility issue.

Totally-braindead, I have also experienced that, though it's either one, or the other.
The one using the windows installed driver shows as Scanner #2, and has limited functionality, but I've never had both appear together!

Just wondering, when I disconnect the scanner, I can't tell which USB plug it is, so I disconnect the power lead instead.
This as far as I know has the same effect.
Well, it works for my External hard drive anyway!
I'm loathe to try unplugging USB leads, for fear of upsetting anything else!!

  Diemmess 19:56 13 Mar 2008

Exactly the same with my old Epson laser printer.
A corrupt XP driver which insisted on being installed substituted "f" instead of every space.

Downloaded a new driver from Epson, and all was well, but the rogue driver installed itself again!

So having moved the new to default, the original is now ignored in the background.

  six-h 21:17 13 Mar 2008

After much grovelling and untangling of spaghetti, I tried it "By the Book", disconnecting via the USB plug, and it worked!
Like they say, "If all else fails follow the instructions!"
Though I'm blowed if I can understand how the damn machine can tell it was there if there was no power!
Killing the power to my External H.D. makes it invisible!

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