How do I install free Firewall software?

  sailorgirl2 01:17 08 May 2003

I've been given a Mcafee 3.0 firewall but have no idea how to find out how to install it. When I click on the install thing from the menu shown, I get "use windows explorer to display files showing this root then double click on SETUP.EXE." I'm lost already - I found Windows explorer but I can't work out how to do anything more - I've just got broadband so I know I need a good firewall. Any help would be appreciated - thanks y'all.

  leo49 01:30 08 May 2003

If it's on CD,open Explorer in folder view,navigate to the drive containing the cd,click it to display the contents in the righthand pane,find the Mcafee folder,open it to display contents and doubleclick the setup.exe as per instructions.


  terminus 01:35 08 May 2003

is Outpost (Agnitum!) From this page click the links button top right. Then click on the security box. scroll down untill you find the outpost secuity link and download from there.

When asked? Choose the open button. from their it's easy..Forget the Mcfee for a few days or so.

  -pops- 06:25 08 May 2003

I had loads of trouble with McAfee (antivirus and firewall). Remember you also have to pay for them, if not now, you'll have to lay out later.

I use Outpost for my firewall and find it easy to install and use. Other important group members (including the Forum Editor) use it as well.

Outpost is unobtrusive and it does its job without nagging - more than I can say about McAfee.


  Belatucadrus 10:55 08 May 2003

I tried a free copy of McAfee firewall from a cover disk some time ago, I found it a pain and rapidly went back to Kerio 2 click here . I'm also using Outpost click here on the laptop and that's good to, it has some usefull presets and plugins that make it a little more intuitive.

  Tenner 11:14 08 May 2003

" important " ? Would you care to elaborate ? (:~)


  leo49 11:24 08 May 2003


  -pops- 12:07 08 May 2003

Do you regard the Forum Editor as unimportant?

The phraseology may not have come out as I intended but I don't think there is a need for an inquest. My point was to suggest that Outpost firewall was a quite reasonable alternative to a number of others including McAfee.

  961 14:59 08 May 2003

Why not try Sygate or Zone Alarm. Both are free and work well. Download from the web or get Zone Alarm from most PC magazine cover disks

  Tenner 00:22 09 May 2003

I made no reference to our venerable FE, but his role is a necessity, thus he is important.

I merely asked a question having wondered at the use of the word 'important' and at its juxtaposition with the word 'other'. I smiled. Who else amongst us is important ?

Had I wanted an inquest I would have made it quite clear. Life's too short etc etc, we're here to learn and enjoy.

  hugh-265156 00:34 09 May 2003

try zonealarm from click here then get an antivirus too click here top right and when you get the email confirmation cut and paste the code into the box when asked.its free and would recommend it.the only thing that is important is that you get a firewall and antivirus and use them they all work the same.

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