How do I identify corrupted file.

  sharpe 00:00 14 Jun 2004

Anyone help please.

Having just run sfc on my comp. I was informed that File EMSU132DLL was corrupted and that I should restore it from my installation discs.

It told me the location of the corrupted file was
c:\program Files\Common Files\SYSTEM\Mapi\1033\95

I tried all of my installation discs (including my OS Windows 98SE) but it just keeps telling me that it can't locate the file.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong or what particular program disc that this file relates to.

Talk slowly I am a crinckley and computers though great are a bit of a puzzle!


  Night Ryder 00:09 14 Jun 2004

If you cannot find the file on any of your installation disks, search the internet for a download of EMSU132DLL. Make sure it is for the correct OP system (Windows 98SE)

  woodchip 00:17 14 Jun 2004

It as been replaced by another program it may think it's corrupt when it's not. I use WordPerfect 8 on one of My computers with Win98se and that changes the file. It's something to do with the Messenger service

  sharpe 00:25 14 Jun 2004

does your computer work ok with the file as it is if so would you advise leaving it alone.

and night ryder I haven't managed to locate it yet on the web any suggestions?

  woodchip 23:17 14 Jun 2004

Yes no problems. Yes Leave it if it's working OK, SFC thinks any file that as been changed even updates from microsoft, it will say that they are corrupt. SFC is not infalable

  woodchip 23:18 14 Jun 2004

infallible not infalable

  sharpe 11:44 16 Jun 2004

Everything seems ok so I think I will take your advice and leave well enough alone!!!

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