How do I go wireless?

  katswhiskers 11:55 14 Feb 2005

I have a wireless enabled laptop. (Centrino) What do I need to do to actually go wireless? Can I go wireless using my present dial-up or do I have to go onto Broadband?

Thanks in advance.


  HauxtonPhil 12:49 14 Feb 2005

Your laptop has wireless capability built into it - which means that if there is a wireless access point within range, your computer should be able to detect it and 'talk to/via it'. For you to go wireless at home, ie. to use your laptop wirelessly on the internet, you need to have a wireless router connected to your telephone line (BT). So, if using Broadband, you need to connect your ADSL connection from your phone socket to a wireless router. This then becomes your home access point, and your laptop talks to the router.

  TomJerry 12:54 14 Feb 2005

give you link latter

  TomJerry 14:50 14 Feb 2005

Long term solution: Get a wireless router with can take either dial-up modem or BB modem. You can use dial-up modem now and move to Bb when you decide to get BB. There are very few router take both dial-up and BB. I saw one myself a few weeks ago, but cannot remember who make it. It is either Linksys or Netgear, go to their web site to check out yourself.

Short term solution: Get a wireless dial-up modem, there is ONLY ONE available in market now (there were a few of them a couple years back before big BB era). BT On-Air Wireless Modem fax / modem £69.99 click here (your Centrio is useless for this).

  katswhiskers 11:44 15 Feb 2005

Thanks both.
Tom - under the short term solution you say 'your Centrino is useless for this'. What do you mean? Why is it?

  TomJerry 12:12 15 Feb 2005

or with another wireless (11b or 11g) device.

BT On Air is the only product you can find (and need) for your problem if you do not want to spend a lot on a specilist router which take dial-up.

  katswhiskers 10:40 16 Feb 2005

The 'dial-up and BB' solution sounds ideal. I've been to the sites, but it all looks a bit of a jungle to me. If you come across this router again I'd really appreciate it if you'd send me a link, or perhaps someone else could send me a link to the exact product I need. (not just the page).


  TomJerry 12:23 16 Feb 2005

just found out Netgear produces router which talk dial-up modem, but it is wireless, so you need another wireless router to have a complete set up

Netgear FVS328 ProSafe VPN Firewall Broadband Router w/Dial Back-up £118.98 click here, this is an industrial standard product so not cheap

any wireless router will work with it, but better to get one from the same maker, for example Netgear MR814 11Mbps Broadband Wireless Router £42.96 click here

Yes, you need an external dial-up modem which costs around £30

NOTE: when you eventually go for BB, you need to get a modem with Ethernet connection, normal "free modem" supplied by ISPs will not work with it.

Really, it is not cost-effective way to do things even technically it is possible. Cheaper to buy BTOneAir one now and get a broadband router later when you eventually do BB.

  FelixTCat 12:54 16 Feb 2005

Presumably your non-laptop computer is the one connected to the internet by a dial-up modem. The easiest way to get your centrino laptop on the network is to set up a wireless network between your centrino and your other computer and then use internet connection sharing. A side advantage is that you can share files and printers over the network and also, if you wish, remote control the desktop computer rom your laptop (whilst sitting in the lounge drinking a cup of tea!!!)

The total cost will be about £20 and all the parts will sill work if you want to go to broadband later.
You will need a wireless network adapter for your desktop: click here

This one should be a good match for your centrino, though this one: click here is a few pence cheaper.

You then run the Internet sharing wizard on the desktop and away you go.

  TomJerry 14:10 16 Feb 2005

but can be cheaper £8.59 click here

  FelixTCat 14:25 16 Feb 2005

Well spotte, TomJerry, but that is only an 802.11b adapter - fine for just the internet but much slower for file sharing.

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