how do i give myself a america ip address??

  GEEKSTA 22:24 10 Aug 2008

how do i give myself a america ip address????

  woodchip 22:32 10 Aug 2008

You need to live there

  GEEKSTA 22:37 10 Aug 2008

state the obvious! :P

yeh but other than moving there?? :)

  woodchip 22:43 10 Aug 2008

Don't think there is one

  Graham. 22:44 10 Aug 2008

Give an example of a america ip address, please.

  GEEKSTA 23:26 10 Aug 2008

I honestly have no idea.

You will have to use an American proxy server - i.e. all your internet traffic goes via a server in America which itself will have an American IP address.

Here is a web based one - click here

May I ask why you want an American IP address? If it's to listen to Pandora by any chance, the above proxy does not work unfortunately.

  Graham. 23:39 10 Aug 2008
  Leecher 23:47 10 Aug 2008

There are programs that can act as proxies so that your location changes, i have used one which you can state which country IP you want to have but cant remember the name.

It might have been GhostSurf, try googling it.

  Graham. 00:21 11 Aug 2008

If you are not careful, you will forget who you are and you will have to ask Matron.

  woodchip 10:38 11 Aug 2008

agree fully

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