How do I get Wireless Internet on an Acer N35 ?

  GLYNNY 00:14 05 Nov 2005

Hello All,

First post -

I've recently bought my first ever PDA - an Acer N35 and for 1 reason only - it was relatively cheap (£199) with built in GPS and Destinator3 software included.

After a week using the GPS I must say I'm impressed. (Just added Speedtrap Alerts/POI)
I'm even expanding my use of the PDA to include contacts and tasks etc.

Now the thing that would really appeal to me is to be able to connect to the net on the go as well, not continuously - just as the opportunity arises.

What would you wise people recommend ? - bearing in mind that the GPS (and therefore the SD card & slot) is in use 75% of the time. I also tend to plug the unit into the fag lighter all day as well.

Whats a WiFi card and how would I use it on the move ?

Can anybody give me a quick idiots guide to the N35 & Wifi



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