How do I get rid of these??

  golfpro 06:36 30 Oct 2006

I wanted to clear out a lot of my old and unwanted images from "My Documents", I highlighted these, right clicked, and then pressed delete. But what I ended up with was loads of copies. When I tried it again I got more copies. How do I get rid of all this mess. Please help if you can.

  Taff™ 06:43 30 Oct 2006

What happens in safe mode?

  Technotiger 06:52 30 Oct 2006

Try this - highlight a bunch, then *instead of* right-click/delete, press the delete key on keyboard - this should put them into the Recycle Bin, from where as I am sure you know, you can finally delete them.


  ened 07:05 30 Oct 2006

I think the problem lies in the way you are highlighting them.

Try right-clicking an individual one and see if it will delete.

Using the Ctl key to bunch a group of files can create copies.

If they are together left-click the first and, holding down the Shift key, left click the last.

Once they are highlighted use the delete option in the left hand box.

  golfpro 07:11 30 Oct 2006

Haven't tried it in safe mode, but did try the delete key, all I get is more and more copies. This is driving me mad.

  golfpro 07:25 30 Oct 2006

Thanks ened.

Followed your instructions and used the delete option in the left box this got rid of them.
But I still don't understand why using the delete key or the delete command made copies, not just one but hundreds.

  The Old Mod 07:27 30 Oct 2006

Hi, another easy way to get rid of your unwanted pictures is this, go to start/search/files or folders, in the box (look in) type my pictures, if that's where they are and click search, highlight the ones you don't want and press the delete key.
Hope this helps.

  golfpro 07:29 30 Oct 2006

Just read your comment on using the Ctl key to highlight and this making the copies, good point but I still don't know why??
Never mind they have gone now.

  Wak 08:22 30 Oct 2006

I have found that sometimes the slightest movement of the mouse when highlighting the files will produce a copy.
Try holding the mouse really still as you click.

  bestman 09:05 30 Oct 2006

I have this pop up on my pc and the name is It usually stops whatever I want to do on the pc for 9 minutes and it says I have to pay 20 pounds. I don't remember subscribing for it and I want to get rid of it. What do I do?

  bruno 09:23 30 Oct 2006

You will be better to start a fresh post.You will get more replies when people see the title.

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