How do I get rid of a system folder icon?

  Red Devil 17:37 07 Oct 2005


OK, I used to have an LG 3G phone but got rid of it because the quality of the service was awful.

I had installed the phone management software on my PC and, when I uninstalled it, the unistaller was very poorly set up and left a load of rubbish on my system. I've removed all of it bar the system folder it set up on my HD and/or the icon for this folder.

Any idea how I get rid of this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  MAJ 17:42 07 Oct 2005

I'm assuming you tried to delete it in the normal manner, Red Devil, and it wouldn't delete, so try deleting it from Safe Mode.

  Klof Ron 17:45 07 Oct 2005

If it won't go away in safe mode download gipo move on reboot from click here and use that.

  Red Devil 18:03 07 Oct 2005

Tried both suggestions and they didn't work I'm afraid.

The drive is only listed when I open up "My Computer" and I just can't seem to get rid of it.

  MAJ 18:17 07 Oct 2005

Can you do a screenshot of it, Red Devil, let's see where it's showing. You can upload the screenshot to Imageshack and post the url here. click here

  Red Devil 19:17 07 Oct 2005

I've done a screenshot and I've put it on my ISP websapce.

The link is click here


  mgmcc 09:07 08 Oct 2005

Have you tried the "TweakUI" Powertoy from Microsoft to see if that lets you remove the icon? click here

  Red Devil 09:32 08 Oct 2005

I've already got TweakUI. Just given it a go. I assume that you have to restart the computer before the change will take place but I'm currently running a virus scan so will restart the computer once that's done.

One question - does TweakUI get rid of this system folder or does it just stop it being displayed? Ideally I'd like to get rid of it seeing as I no longer have the phone.


  freaky 10:21 08 Oct 2005

If you Right click on the SFI and then click delete, what message do you get?

  Red Devil 10:31 08 Oct 2005

I don't get given the option to delete it. That's half the problem.

  Klof Ron 10:45 08 Oct 2005

Have you tried doing a search in the registry for LG Phone and removing anything found, usual warning about backing up the registry first apply.

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