How do I get rid of Nextstart?

  pj123 13:19 12 May 2003

Just bought a secondhand computer running Win98se.

It seems to have something called "Nextstart" on it. A search on Google suggests this is a substitute for the Start Menu and Taskbar.

It doesn't show up in Add/Remove programmes.

Does anyone know where it resides on the harddisk and how do I get rid of it?


  crx1600 13:33 12 May 2003

places to look;


or look in control panel for a nextstart or winstep icon.

run the set-up file it may have an uninstall option as well as install\repair.

dont know the prog,just suggesting.

  leo49 13:37 12 May 2003

Had a look on their website and the FAQ states there should be an entry in Add/Remove progs. If this is missing then do the checks as advised by
crx1600 - and then it'll be down to manual registry editing.

I'd wipe the drive and start afresh - you don't know what else may be amiss.


  Silver Eddie 14:31 12 May 2003

I have "programmes" that appear as if the are on the hard drive, but have been removed.
If you cannot find on the add/remove hardware, then I would suggest that it has almost certainly been removed.
Or.........does something happen when you try to run???
If so, if you right click on the icon, there is a properties button on the bottom, this will so you where the programm resides.
Good Hunting

  pj123 14:53 12 May 2003

Your "start again" suggestion was going to be my last resort. Being secondhand there were no discs whatsoever. bought "as seen". Now I don't have a problem with starting again but it means finding out: what mobo, what sound card, what graphics card and what modem, which I am trying to avoid.

Will try all the other suggestions first, though.

  leo49 15:04 12 May 2003

Run Aida 32 and you'll get all that info without opening the case.
[I'm sure you will but be sure to make a note of the Windows serial no before formatting if you go that route]


  pj123 16:08 12 May 2003

Thanks again for your input. As I build computers i have lots of win98se licence only, (no CD) available for £40 or I can do a win98se CD with licence for £70. I don't have a problem with putting an OS on the computer but I have to re-sell legally, and anyone who buys it will want it to work properly.

  crx1600 16:18 12 May 2003

i thought if you intend to resell it,you have some duty to reformat,can you be sure this second hand computer contains no sensitive info about the previous owner.?

  leo49 16:20 12 May 2003

As crx1600 says, if you're reselling it, surely if only for your own reputation it's only commonsense to reformat and fresh install.

  pj123 09:43 13 May 2003

Yes, you are both right of course. The problem has been solved for me. The person who wants to buy it doesn't want the existing 10gb hard drive anyway, he wants a 40gb hard drive, so out with the old and in with a brand new hard drive and Operating System.

Thanks everybody. now ticked.

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