How do I get rid of lines of red dots across my monitor?

  millerfamily5 18:02 10 Nov 2012


I recently purchased a computer in Sep 2012 from Dino PC. It has been running very well apart from an irritating red dot problem.

My pc has an Intel i5 3570k processor (not over clocked) which has no additional graphics card and runs using the on board graphics HD 4000. I dont play computer games.

I have connected my monitor (a Hanns G HG 216D) to another computer to check that my monitor or cables were not at fault and the lines of red dots do not appear.

I have also connected my monitor to my pc with an HDMI cable and they still appear. These red dots didn't appear immediately when I first had the pc. I believe that they began to appear once I started updating my pc with the latest windows 7 updates (x64 bit).

The red dots appear each time I switch on the pc at the very bottom edge of the screen then when the Asus screen appears (motherboard is Asus p8z77-V LX) across the middle of the screen, then again when the windows 7 start up screen appears.

They then appear again if I have an image in the centre of the screen which is a dark block. In this case they are grouped together in a horizontal block to the centre right of the dark area.

The line of dots only appears horizontally and in red on dark screens.

Occasionally I have seen the same lines of dots on a light coloured block in the centre right of the screen when the dots are pale blue and in the same formation.

If I move the mouse over the red dots when they appear in a centre block of a dark colour the red dots momentarily disappear.

Any advice on how to remove these dots would be gratefully appreciated.

Many thanks


  rdave13 18:07 10 Nov 2012

Check device manager, display adapters. You might need to update the drivers.

  spiderlegz 18:11 10 Nov 2012

Are you able to try a different screen? To see if the dots are still there.

  spiderlegz 18:14 10 Nov 2012

HDMI into your TV will work.

  millerfamily5 18:15 10 Nov 2012

Hi Dave

Thanks for your reply. I have followed your advice through device manager and display adapters which enabled me to search for updates fro the drivers drivers through Windows searching my computer and the internet. The outcome of this search was that the drivers are up to date.

Any other ideas?



  rdave13 18:32 10 Nov 2012

If it's a lot of work to connect the PC to your TV, as spiderlegz correctly advises, then you could check Windows update to see the latest you've downloaded. If there is an update for the gpu then that might be the problem. Go to Windows update and select 'Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them' under 'Change settings' on the left. Go back to device manager, display adapters and roll back the driver. See how this works.

  millerfamily5 18:36 10 Nov 2012

Hi Spiderlegz

I connected my pc to the TV with the hdmi cable this connection whizzed past the start up so fast it wasn't possible to see the red dots when they appear normally. I have then connected my pc up to the monitor with the same hdmi cable result no difference the red dots are still appearing. I cant see how the monitor could be at fault if it did not show the red dots when used with a different computer.



  spiderlegz 18:48 10 Nov 2012

Ok Richard, it's vital that we rule out a screen issue. You need to re-connect your PC to your TV. Re-start your PC as many times as you like, to see if those dots appear. Restart & surf in the usual manor & see if the dots appear. If the do, try a different HDMI lead (maybe borrow one from your sky or virgin media box) if you have one? The other thing you haven't stated, is weather or not, you have a separate graphics card inside your machine? & is your normal PC monitor connected to your PC via HDMI or DVI or VGA (VGA is normally a blue ended cable with atwo thumb screws)

  millerfamily5 18:49 10 Nov 2012

Hi Dave

Thanks for your advice. I am going out now but will try your suggestion tomorrow. In looking on my windows update history I can see I have downloaded at least one update to do with the intel on board graphics. It also looks as if I can remove an update from my pc.

Thanks for your help.

Best wishes


  millerfamily5 18:53 10 Nov 2012

Hi Spidylegz

My monitor was connected with a VGA cable and I have tried it with an HDMI cable. I used the same HDMI cable to connect another pc to my monitor nor red dots could be seen on the screen. I do not have a separate graphics card.



  rdave13 18:59 10 Nov 2012

millerfamily5 , no need to remove the update just change the settings so you are in charge of the updates. In device manager roll back the driver and see how it goes. If the monitor displays correctly then it's a driver fault. If still corruption occurs then follow spiderlegz advice although by your original post the monitor is OK.

If it works OK when you roll back the driver then you can hide the update in Windows update.

Have a good night out.

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