how do I get rid of ctrl/alt/del at startup?

  phoebe1 17:42 16 Sep 2009

Hello, I have inherited a laptop from my Son, but when I start it up, it puts up a page that says I have to hold down ctrl/alt/del to proceed.

When I do this I then go to the page where I have too enter my password, once I do this I get onto the laptop.

I've asked my Son how to get rid of the ctrl/alt/del page but he cannot remember how he set it up.

I've asked my husband and he's never seen anything like the ctrl/alt/del page appearing first at start up so he doesnt know how to get rid of it.

I have set my self up as Admin in the Users section of the Control Panel.

The laptop is an Acer Aspire 3000 and it uses WindowsXP Home.

many thanks for your help.

  birdface 17:55 16 Sep 2009

ctrl/alt/del pressed at the same time usually takes you into task manager.

  birdface 17:59 16 Sep 2009

Ok.Go to Run and type in control userpasswords2 box will open go to advanced and untick ctrl/alt/delete Apply Ok.

  birdface 18:01 16 Sep 2009

Type in or paste.control userpasswords2 then press ok.

  Taff™ 10:13 19 Sep 2009

Or more simply, log on the go to Control Panel>User Accounts - Under Pick a Task select "Change the way users log on..." and tick the welcome screen box.

  phoebe1 21:25 06 Oct 2009

Hello, thank you for all of your help, its very much appreciated. I'm sorry that it's taken so long to reply.

Tonight, I have turned the laptop on for the first time since my posting and it's run ok for about an hour.

I went to cook the dinner and when I got back, the screen was black and I could hear the fan running.

I tried moving my finger over the mouse pad and pressing a few keys lightly but the screen stayed black.

I tried turning the laptop off and on again but all the time the screen has stayed black, the light that shows that the hard drive is working did not flash at all.

I'm stuck at what to do next, can you help please?


  peter99co 21:55 06 Oct 2009

Is the laptop on or off?

(I tried turning the laptop off and on again)

Don't turn on and off quickly

  peter99co 21:58 06 Oct 2009

It had probably gone to sleep mode.(during cooking)

When you get it restarted check on the control panel for Power Options and see if they match your needs.

  peter99co 21:59 06 Oct 2009

Is the laptop on battery or mains?

  T0SH 20:15 15 Oct 2009

There will be a key sequence usually incorporating the Fn key (lower left on the keyboard) and one of the other keys usually with blue coloured icons on them now the icon can vary from make to make

Look for one with a crescent moon symbol or the likes

The other way I have found to wake them up is to press and hold the power button for one or two seconds

If all else fails try the laptop makers site for a downloadable version of the user manual and do some reading

Cheers HC

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