How do I get rid of Acronis?

  pcbobby 19:14 12 Oct 2006

I have used Ccleaner uninstaller to remove Acronis True Image software.
I have also used System Mechanic and RegScrub to get rid of most of the tentacles.

To complete the deletion, I am using Registry Editor ‘find’ facility.
But in two areas I am confronted with the following messages:

Cannot delete – error while deleting key.
Unable to delete specific values

Is there a way around these obstructions?

  Pine Man 19:32 12 Oct 2006

Usually the best way to remove programs that won't let go is to reinstall them then remove them with 'add/remove programs' followed by some form of crap/registry cleaner.

  pcbobby 19:39 12 Oct 2006

Thank you Pine Man.
I alternate between Add/Remove and Crap cleaner. Both are effective. But the Acronis registry iems will not budge.

Other software I have never had any problems.

  GaT7 19:42 12 Oct 2006

You may need to change permissions click here. G

  martjc 19:47 12 Oct 2006

...try starting in safe mode [via F8 during boot sequence], then try to delete your reg items.

  patsyanne 19:50 12 Oct 2006

pcbobby,i had the same problem as you.Go to Acronis help page,in the forum, look for other posts that say they cant uninstall either, there is a little program that gets rid of it.

  patsyanne 19:54 12 Oct 2006

And this ... When you had TI installed I guess that you made some backups. These are .tib files and can be quite large. If you have saved them on your main drive and have not deleted any of them it will soon fill up.

Go to Start,Search in Windows and look for .tib files. When you have found them delete some or all of the older ones. It is probably a good idea to keep the latest one just in case.

  pcbobby 19:55 12 Oct 2006

Crossbow7, martjc, patsyanne.
Thank you for advice. I shall try them all!

  pcbobby 20:00 12 Oct 2006

I should have said at the begining, that I could not get my novice head around Acronis, so as to save space on my Hard drive I uninstalled Acronis. Well, most of it except for a few stubborn registry iems!!

  pcbobby 20:08 12 Oct 2006

I will report back with result Friday evening.

  patsyanne 20:09 12 Oct 2006

pcbobby, same as me ! i ended up uninstalling it then installing it again ,twice ! then ended up with my hard disc space at 0% .When i uninstalled it ,it never took the back ups i had done, just the program, so thats why you have to look for those tib files .I got them all off now. My bro is coming down at the weekend, i am hoping he can put Acronis back on but properly, cause i never got it to work out of the 2 times i really needed it too .

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