DARIO_909 16:20 12 Feb 2009

Hi there Guys

me again!!

im moving into the world of I.T Contracting, but ironic eh, an I.T Contractor looking for advise! but any way. i currently have a hotmail email account (not very professional) when sending email to customers, or receiving. ive seen on the net that you can get professional email address'es, but at a cost, so i was wondering the following:

* i currently use ms outlook 2003, which i wish to continue using, and use my hotmail account there, could i set another one up in there? the more professional looking one? (ive noticed that some outlook functions dont work on web based email)

* does anyone know how i can get my own professional email address, i.e choosing my own domain name aswell, and for free? and without paying hosting costs? to anyone?

Much oblidged to you all, if you can advise.



  anskyber 16:36 12 Feb 2009

You will have to pay partly for registering the domain name with the body concerned and then for it to be hosted unless you are going to host it yourself.

Usually but not always the host will provide email services as an extra unless its part of the package.

I run Outlook and there is now Outlook Connector free from Microsoft which allows you to pick up hotmail (web addresses) using Outlook.

  MAJ 16:38 12 Feb 2009

Sign up for a hosting account with Heart Internet click here everything you'll need is there, but not free, although there is a, limited bandwidth, free hosting option. Free Hosts don't look very professional.

  bobbybowls 16:58 12 Feb 2009

click here;jsessionid=6F6F41D342CDF16E65C4A609F87D1297.TC30a?__frame=_top&__lf=Static
i have 3 accounts with 1and1 and have always had good service from them

  [email protected] 22:19 12 Feb 2009

What's a professional emaiil address?
Is it the current financial crisis which dictates it must be free?
What do you expect to get for nothing?
Should you get something for nothing?
What sort of professional are you, we would be oblidged to know?
Go for it Dario, you will find something somewhere... :-)

  Forum Editor 23:00 12 Feb 2009

moving into the world of IT contracting might not be such a great idea if you have to ask a web forum to help you with such a basic matter as an email address.

Asking if you can set up a second email address in Outlook 2003 (you can) is the kind of question that any self-respecting contractor would feel ashamed of asking.

Maybe you should spend a little more time learning about IT matters before launching yourself on the world as a contractor? This isn't a particularly good time to start a career in that field anyway.

  DARIO_909 06:26 13 Feb 2009

forum editor

i see your point, but the field im in is quality assurance, so any money could do it. of course, i know how to get a profesional email and i know i can use outlook, it seems everyone has misunderstood me, was trying to use my initiative, instead of browsing the net for a service, id thought id ask a forum.

never mind

  Snec 10:46 13 Feb 2009

Judging by the way he writes, with no regard for capitalisation etc, I'm guessing that DARIO_909 is a young person. My grandson writes just like that and also likes to create the impression that he's the bees-knees with computers, although he knows I know different......... but it is our secret.

  Graphicool1 11:08 13 Feb 2009

Forum Editor

Hi I have a question not concerning this topic. I've noticed on various 'posts' some - as is yours - headings in bold type! How do you do this on a thread?

  Clapton is God 11:42 13 Feb 2009

It would have been better to start your own thread rather than hijacking someone else's.

However, to get a heading in bold type, put the heading in the 'Title' box.

  Graphicool1 14:16 13 Feb 2009

Cheers - regarding highjacking, after what had passed between the Forum Editor and Dario_909 I thought the thread had ended and didn't want to miss the opportunity to ask.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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