How do I get my Dell desktop wireless?

  DexterDog 12:30 29 Sep 2007

I am a Wireless virgin about to buy a Netgear router and Laptop that is WIFI enabled to connect wirelessly.Currently my Dell Dimension 2400 is connected by wires to a standard broadband modem...when I replace that modem with a I need USB wireless stick to make my Dell desktop attach/pick up wirelessly to the new modem? I presume I can link it with wires with an ethernet cable but wondered how I connect a desktop wirelessly?

Thank you and sorry to sound so thick..wireless is all new to me :-/

  ambra4 12:53 29 Sep 2007

The dell laptop should come with build in wireless card

Once you have set up the modem and the wireless in the router the laptop will be able to connect to the wireless system

Check this site

4 steps to set up your home wireless network

click here

  mgmcc 12:57 29 Sep 2007

Yes, you need to install a Wireless Network Adapter in your current computer to be able to connect "wirelessly" to a router. This can be either a USB device or a PCI card fitted internally.

Bear in mind that a "wired" connection will always be more reliable than a "wireless" one so, unless the PC is located remotely from the router, stick with an ethernet connection.

  DexterDog 13:45 29 Sep 2007

Ambra and MGM that is really helpful :) I have saved the info and link and have decided to use the ethernet cable for my desktop and go wireless with the new laptop when it comes....very much appreciate both of your help..I feel confident setting this up now.......thank you! :)

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