How do I get to my Bios Settings?

  Europa 14:35 25 Jan 2003

I have a Getaway Select 850 AMDAthlon and I use WINME. In one of the previous threads I started, I was asked to check one of my bios settings, but I don't know how to get to it.
Can anyone tells me how to? And are those bios settings set for the best system performance or is there some changes I can do to optimise it?
Thank you in advance.

  pcgal 14:38 25 Jan 2003

keep pressing delete key when u first turn ya computer on

  Europa 14:43 25 Jan 2003


I did try that but the only thing it did was that a high pitch noise was coming from the tower. I've never tried anything after that. Maybe I've done it wrong?

  Jonno131 14:44 25 Jan 2003

To enter the BIOS setup, press and hold one or a combination of the following keys during boot up.
If that doesn't work the following is lifted from click here which has a wealth of info on BIOS and related topics:

"Note: You may need to press and hold the boot key (s) before anything appears on the screen

Ctrl + Esc
Alt + Esc
Ctrl + Alt + Esc
Ctrl + Alt + Enter
Ins "

  obbit 14:45 25 Jan 2003

Hi Europa........pcgal is correct thats the way u do it..........why do you want to?


Most BIOS settings default to using the F1 key when you boot up your system. When the computer first loads (before Windows starts) Keep selecting your F1 key (across the top of your keyboard) until you get a message similar to "... Loading BIOS setup." Be careful when you change your BIOS settings, though. What are you thinking of changing? Good luck -- Matt

  Jonno131 14:50 25 Jan 2003

Sorry. That got messed up. Should read try any of the following. The URL is correct.

Del, F10, F2, Ctrl + Esc, Ctrl + Alt +Esc, Ctrl + Alt + Enter, Ins.

  Europa 15:20 25 Jan 2003

Thanks for your responses. Once, I was asked if my bios settings were set to 2way communication, it was related to a printer problem. Check your bios settings is something that comes up quite often in the threads so I've got to find how to get to them. As for changing my bios settings, it is just curiosity, or to find a few tips from the far more knowledgeable people than myself.

  woodchip 15:33 25 Jan 2003

Watch the screen when your computer is starting, it will say someting like this "TO ENTER SETUP PRESS" and the key will be after it like Del or F1 or ???????? any other

  Europa 17:12 25 Jan 2003

I finally got into my bios setting with the F1key.
Which bring me to another question : when I was told to check if my bios were set to 2way communication, I only can find a relation to it in the parallel port mode which is set to ECP. There is a bidirectional option in the list. Is it what he meant?

  woodchip 19:27 25 Jan 2003


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