How do I get my 1GB SD-RAM DIMM to show

  Tooling Enterpri 13:16 23 Sep 2009

Hi I installed a 1GD 168-pin DIMM but it only shows up as 512MB same as my other 2 I tried moving them around
My motherboard is A7V333 Socket a VIA KT333 Chipset DDR SDRAM
I can get into the set up menus in bios but don’t know how or what to change
OS/2 Onboard Memory maybe?

  PO79 14:08 23 Sep 2009

Memory Type DDR SDRAM
Number of Memory Slots 3 x DIMMs
Supported RAM speeds 333 MHz • 266 MHz • 200 MHz
Max Supported RAM 3 GB

These are the supported RAM speeds. It should be noted that the maximum supported RAM of 3 GB would be at the lowest speed of 200 MHz, the faster the speed, the less the maximum total will be. I think the 1Gb you installed takes you over the maximum for the speed you are using, you will need to check your mobo manual to find the exact combination of spedd and maximum installation.

  I am Spartacus 14:19 23 Sep 2009

Does the 1GB RAM module have more than 18 chips on it. The motherboard manual states that there will be a problem with it being identified if there is.

I'm not sure why the speed of the RAM should have any effect on the maximum total recognised. It should all run at the speed of the slowest module.

OS/2 Memeory settings should be disabled (unless you are actually running OS/2).

  PO79 14:37 23 Sep 2009

As I understand the post, installed were 2x512 Mb sticks (speed not stated). The poster has installed another 1 Gb stick (again speed not stated). If previous sticks were\are 333 MHz then the total is now 2 GB, which may not be supported at that speed. I made the assumption that previous sticks were 333 MHz, which I suspect is only supported up to 1.5 GB, hence the "Lost" 512 mb. I am aware that RAM will clock down to the lowest speed, but if the lowest speed here is already 333 MHz, it wont clock down as there is no lower speed installed.

  I am Spartacus 14:58 23 Sep 2009

Interesting concept and one I've not heard of. Any links please?

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