How do i get mods to work?

  Wolfenstein 13:00 03 Apr 2008

Hi i'm a keen player of wolfenstein enemy territory a keen online shootem up, i'm only jusr really getting used to the type of thing, but i downloaded whats called a mod.

The one i downloaded was where it changes the colours of the characters cause my eyesite ain't that good so defines my team mates blue enemy red.

When i'm on spectator mode this works, clearly showing red enemy blue friendly and when i switch to other peoples view this works, however when i start the game myself it does not work. Can anyone tell me where i'm going wrong or can they point me in the right direction?

  gengiscant 14:14 03 Apr 2008

Can you post a link to the mod?so I can have a look.

  Wolfenstein 17:10 03 Apr 2008

Are you on about the link from where it came from? I'm trying to remember where i got it from now, not sure if can find it again, i followed its instructions but as i say it just won't work when its me for some reason?

  Wolfenstein 19:28 03 Apr 2008

I've found the link for the file its:

click here;64755

i've followed the instructions, backed up the folder game it was a good job i did i wasn't sure which ones to put it in so put it in all then buggered it up so i started from scratch so except for my starting post thats the only problem i get now.

  gengiscant 18:13 04 Apr 2008

Your link takes me to the main site but not the mod.

  Wolfenstein 19:08 04 Apr 2008

Don't know why it won't come up i posted the link on here but just says click here as above so wonder if that stopping it, can try and send screen shots of page and the folder it goes into if that helps?

  gengiscant 09:53 05 Apr 2008

Do you know the name of the mod?

  Wolfenstein 12:54 05 Apr 2008

It called Powerup Visualization (Alpha 1)
there's a search engine on that site, it tells you the instructions i followed them but still don't work as previous posts, thanks for you patience by the way.

  gengiscant 13:09 05 Apr 2008

Found it.OK I've had a look,but as I don't have the game installed couldn't actually try it.But I see what you mean.
I think your best bet would be to Email the author of the mod, [email protected] and explain your problem.

I have had difficulty with mods for other games and have always found that the authors are more than willing to help.
In my case it was usually something I had not done,so worth a try.
Let me know how you get on.

  Wolfenstein 17:03 05 Apr 2008

No problems i'll keep you updated with it, incidentally if your into online shootem ups like wolfenstein you can download wolfenstein enemy territory for free aswell

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