How do I get a Linux OS?

  tonynoarm 19:48 18 Mar 2008

I have read on here several times that this is a good OS. I thought I would give it a go but got baffled as I navigated websites. Can anybody direct me to a suitable site / version? Thanks

  bremner 19:51 18 Mar 2008

Just about the most staright forward is Ubuntu click here

  MAJ 19:53 18 Mar 2008

There are loads of Linux distros, try Ubuntu for a start. click here Others more in tune with linux will recommend others.

  octal 20:10 18 Mar 2008

A number of people on here use PCLinuxOS click here including myself, I suggest tying a number of Linux distributions till you find one you like, they all run initially from the CD before you load it onto your hard drive so you can get an idea if a) you like it and b) it works OK with your system.

  dopeman1992 20:37 18 Mar 2008

hello, i've faced the same thing.

go onto the linux homepage( and along the left it has a selection of things to choose from, click on 'distributions'.

at the bottom of the distributions page it will say 'distributions' in bold lettering, underneath that it will have 3 options: language, catagory and platform
all three of these will have drop-down menus, click on catagory and select 'live CD'. and press 'GO'.

now selct the distribution (version) of linux you want, i suugest ubuntu or suse, but ubuntu is easier and then click on the link or whatever and download it.

once it's downloaded burn it to disk (it has to be a cd disk rather than a dvd disk.

once you've burnt it to disk, turn your computer off (make sure the cd is in the drive of your computer) and then turn it back on, as the moniter shows signs of life press f12 and you'll enter the BIOS setup menu, now a little box should appear and select 'boot from cd' or something like that, then it'll start up and you will be running ubuntu, suse, whatever. if you want to permanently install it, post a new thread, as thats also a lengthy answer lol

p.s sorry this was so long

  tonynoarm 21:06 18 Mar 2008

Many thanks for all your responses and advice.

  skidzy 21:13 18 Mar 2008

My advice would be PCLinuxOS2007,the nearest to windows in my opinion.

Im a newbie to the Linux Distro's and have tried a few and PCLinux is for me the most compatible for hardware issues.

Here is a thread i created and had some excellent advice click here
it is worth the read if only for a few tips.

I currently now successfully dual boot a test machine with linux and xp pro,i do use Linux as toy and something to play with and learn a few little things every time i go into it.

It is a new learning curve but if you make it fun,it can be a pleasure to use.

  bluesbrother 21:42 18 Mar 2008

If you need help choosing the right flavour of Linux for you try this "test".

click here

It will point you in the right direction.

  woodchip 21:45 18 Mar 2008

Best way is try a Live Linux CD so you do not load it to you hard drive, but run it from the CD that you can boot from click here

You can then try before you buy as it wer. Without messing you windows drive up

  Picklefactory 16:10 20 Mar 2008


  tonynoarm 08:02 21 Mar 2008

HELP !!!!!!!

What am I doing wrong?

I followedthe links given and saved Ubuntu 7.1 onto my desk top. I then burnt it to CD and restarted the computer (after setting the bios to boot from CD), but I get the message:

'Boot failure. Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media'

Thanks Tony

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