How do i get high speed USB 2.0?

  YinHoNg 14:18 06 Apr 2005

I'm looking to get high speed USB 2.0 functionality.
When i plug in my flash drive, i get this message:

The Generic USB Hub is a HI-SPEED USB device and will function at reduced speed when plugged into a non-HI-SPEED port.

HI-SPEED USB Device Plugged into non-HI-SPEED USB Hub. A HI-SPEED USB device is plugged into a non-HI-SPEED USB hub.

I've downloaded service pack two, but it still comes up with that message.

Can anyone help me?

  TomJerry 14:24 06 Apr 2005

(1) Is the usb device you are using usb 2?

(2) Is the usb port you tried usb 2?

  YinHoNg 14:24 06 Apr 2005

I forgot to add, i have an Abit NF7-M mobo.

  moore_mat 14:24 06 Apr 2005


It's a hardware limitation; not something that can be patched with a download I'm afraid - you'll need to get either a PCI card (example here - click here ) if you have a desktop computer or a PC Card (PCMCIA) for a laptop ( click here )

This isn't necessary if you only use the drive occasionally - but if you use it a lot, the speed difference becomes worth it!

All the best


  powerless 14:25 06 Apr 2005

Possibly plug the device into other USB ports?

Update USB drivers.

Purchase a USB PCI card with high speed ports.

  TomJerry 14:27 06 Apr 2005

if you use an external usb hub, it may not be usb 2

  YinHoNg 14:32 06 Apr 2005

I think i might try updating USB drivers but i have idea where to look!

  TomJerry 14:36 06 Apr 2005

and you can check if there is any upgrade in Abit web site.

  powerless 15:01 06 Apr 2005
  YinHoNg 14:46 14 Apr 2005

Thanks for that last link. I looked in device manager today and found a yellow question mark next to USB device controller. I chose update driver, and windows did so!
Now i have USB 2.0.

Cheers everybody again....

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