How do I get broadband on my laptop?

  Gymy 12:03 11 Mar 2006

We have just had NTL broadband connected to our main PC upstairs. The modem is connected to the PC via USB.
I also have a laptop and want to be able to access braodband on this.
I understand that I need a wireless router. Before I go out and buy one, are there any specific requirements this needs to meet? Will I connect the router to the modem we have or to the main PC?


  Forum Editor 12:18 11 Mar 2006

and you'll connect it to the Cable Modem or Set Top Box by a network cable known as a CAT5 cable. There'll be one of these supplied with the router, but you'll need to buy another one.

You'll use this second cable to connect the router to your PC's existing network card, so you can configure the router according to the manufacturer's instructions.

You can leave the PC connected in this way if it's sited near to the router, or you can install a wireless network card - in which case you'll disconnect the router/PC cable once the router has been configured.

Your laptop may already be WiFi enabled, but if it isn't you'll need a wireless network adapter for it - either a PCMCIA card type (recommended) or a USB type.

  mgmcc 12:24 11 Mar 2006

As NTL provide both Cable broadband and ADSL via the phone line it is essential to get the correct type of router depending which service you have.

If it is "Cable", you need what is generally described as a "Wireless Cable/DSL Router" (don't confuse the reference to DSL with combined Routers & ADSL Modems which are used for the ADSL service).

<<< Will I connect the router to the modem we have or to the main PC? >>>

With Cable broadband, the router connects by ethernet cable from its WAN port to the Cable Modem. PCs connect either by ethernet cable to one of the router's LAN ports or wirelessly.

  Gymy 15:01 12 Mar 2006

Thanks - your advice, together with the article in the latest PC Advisor, means that I now think I know what I need to do. Cheers.

  Pidder 15:24 12 Mar 2006

That's the clever way to do it. Of course, you can also take your laptop upstairs and plug the modem into a USB socket on the laptop, or, alternatively bring the modem (presumably an external one) downstairs and use it in any other phone socket, provided it has a filter. That's what I am doing at present.

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