How do I get back my Google task bar

  justkevin 23:27 13 Aug 2007

I had,until I downloaded the latest wonderful thing from Google,a floating task bar that could be dragged all over the screen.Since downloading the latest Google wonder(since deleted and uninstalled) I can't get back my taskbar about 35mm long.How can I get this back?

  johnnyrocker 23:38 13 Aug 2007

if xp system restore?


  [email protected] 23:38 13 Aug 2007

not sure about google taskbar,as ive never heard of it,but for taskbar click here

  justkevin 09:04 14 Aug 2007

I should have said I am on Windows 2000 Professional and not XP,the Raven ..only applies to XP

  Technotiger 09:09 14 Aug 2007

Have you tried (in IE/FF) View>Toolbars then perhaps Customize?

  ^wave^ 09:11 14 Aug 2007

what did you down load that stopped it working

  brundle 09:13 14 Aug 2007

Google Floating Deskbar? click here

  justkevin 19:58 14 Aug 2007

Hi thanks all.Technotigern tried that and it didn't seem to work.Wave ,no idea what it was that I downloaded but it was a Google prompt to do so,so I did,brundle thanks for that ,it wasn't exactly what I was after but it contained an awful lot more with it.The only attraction I suppose before ,was that the task bar was always on the screen,sometimes getting in the way but now I have to click to make it appear,so no great hardship there.Thanks to all for your advice

  Technotiger 20:01 14 Aug 2007

OK - thanks for the feedback anyway.

  ^wave^ 10:18 15 Aug 2007

on my other pc now and have google task this one is fixed to the task bar but it can float you should have in start progs google desk top start it up from there and chose how you want it to behave

  justkevin 13:46 17 Aug 2007

Hi wave
I did as you suggested but can't get it to float! I also have it fixed in the taskbar.whereas before it was always on the screen,quite small but still there.I opened up Google in starup selected floating bar but even after booting up it still can't be seen on the screen,it didn't indicate where I could find it in order to drag it somewhere.

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